The Noble Neighbour

The Noble Neighbour :

Hussein and Fakir were neighbours. Hussein was an honest man. He was hard working, intelligent and amicable. All these qualities together with his good deed and good character elevated him as a rich man in that town. He always helped the poor. He loved his neighbour Fakir too.

But Fakir was a lazy fellow! He hated doing any work. All that he wanted was easy money! And he was jealous of Hussein. He always looked for an opportunity to harm Hussein. But he never succeeded. Hussein knew all about Fakir. But he just ignored that.

Hussein did his best to help Fakir. But, his efforts went in vain. Fakir never showed any sign of being friendly with him. At last, Hussein decided to shift elsewhere. He sold off his house and left. The new town almost rolled a red carpet to welcome him!

Hussein preached verses from the Holy Quran. People liked it. They regarded him so high that his name and fame spread to far off places. It, of course, reached the ears of Fakir too! He got more jealous and angry. He intended to slay Hussein!

One day, he visited Hussein. Hussein felt happy to see his neighbour. Late in the evening, when they went for a stroll, Fakir saw a big well on the way! When they neared the well, Fakir pushed Hussein inside it and then he left.

Hussein fell inside with a thud. The bottom of the well led to another kingdom. Hussein who reached there had a surprise!

Administer of that kingdom who recognized Hussein took him to the Wazir over there.

Hussein stayed there as a royal guest! Meanwhile, he came to know that the Wazir’s daughter was suffering from some incurable disease! “Allah, the great has provided me all that I longed for. But He equally gave me pain as well. It is my daughter’s health that keeps haunting me! I am not able to concentrate on the work.”

“What worries me more is that one astrologer predicted that she won’t live long!” the Wazir sobbed.

A kind-hearted Hussein was shocked on hearing that! He volunteered to see the patient and to cure her. Hussein first spoke to her nicely “Do not lose heart. I will cure you. It is your spirit that does more than medicine. So be cheerful! When compared with those who are blind, deaf, crippled and other physical deformities, yours is nothing. We all fall in sick at one time or the other. Some get healed quickly and some take a little longer. But nothing is incurable. Take the medicines I give you. Eat and rest well. You will bounce back to normal health very soon!”

His speech was like a tonic to her. She liked his encouraging words. The Wazir was also there. He embraced Hussein affectionately. Days and weeks passed. Hussein continued to visit her, kindled her spirit and gave her medicines thrice a day.

Alas! She responded to his treatment. She was recuperating faster than Hussein had expected! In just a month, she was back again with a bang! The pleasure of the Wazir and his wife rose to top notch. They performed their daughter’s marriage with Hussein!

The newly wedded royal couple went on a tour. They visited many countries. In every country, they stayed in the respective king’s palace as their guest.

It was one Friday that Hussein met Fakir!

Hussein and his wife were traveling in a royal coach. Then Hussein spotted a beggar sitting before a Mosque. But for him, the beggar looked like his old neighbour Fakir who had pushed him into the well years ago!

Yet, Hussein felt sorry for him. He told the coachman to stop. Moments later, he spoke to Fakir “Here….take this money. Forget the past. Start afresh and do some business. Never be jealous of anyone!’’ he patted Fakir and went back to the coach.

Thus, Hussein proved his nobility once again.

But to wily Fakir, it was like a slap on his face!

The Noble Neighbour

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The Noble Neighbour - The Noble Neighbour
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