The Nouns and Number

The Nouns and Number :

Countable Nouns

(i) All countable nouns may be used in the singular or plural.

If they are singular, they have an article (ie) a, an, the or a determinative in front of them.

Uncountable Nouns

There are two kinds of uncountable nouns:
(i) Those that name materials

Examples : Steel, air, soil, wood, water, acid, meat, rice, flour, coffee, tea, fruit etc.

(ii) Those that name abstract ideas, qualities or actions

Examples : Flour cannot be counted as also Meat, Fatness Or Thinness cannot be counted.

So, uncountable nouns are used only in singular.

Though uncountable nouns are singular, we never use a or an with them.

I am going to buy some meat.

So, also, with abstract nouns.

It is only….He has some intelligence.

We also say,,,,,She is fairly clever.

The Nouns and Number

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