The Object to A Preposition

The Object to A Preposition :

The object to a preposition is a noun or pronoun. Sometimes, however, the object to a preposition is an adverb of time or an adverb of place.

1. Nothing lasts for ever. (All time)
2. How far is the village from here? (This place)
3. The Prime Minister must have reached there by now. (This time)
4. Dear girl, come away from there. (That place)
5. Since then, he has not come here. (That time)
6. It will be finished by then. (That time)
7. The work will be finished by the. (That time)
8. Everything lasts for short-time only. (All time)

In the above sentences, ever, here, now, there, then and then are all objects of the respective prepositions.

Preposition….Adverb (object of the preposition)

1. For…..ever
2. from…
3. by…
4. from…..there
5. since…..then
6. by…..then

Study the following sentences.

1. That book may be too difficult for you.
2. It is really for a degree student.
3. I wouldn't dive off that rock for all the money in the world.
4. The worker was rewarded for saving the woman's life.
5. She is a good woman for all her faults.
6. The abbreviation ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine.
7. I haven't seen Mr.Rai for a long time.
8. I picked up my basket and set out for the shops.

Note : FOR means in these sentences….

1. meant to be used by
2. in order to have
3. because of
4. in spite of
5. instead of
6. during and
7. in the direction of

Example Sentences :

1. The Deputy PM is always thinking about how to circumvent the PM.
2. I didn't see my wife till a few days ago.
3. She was crying from dawn till far into the night.
4. I sold my house for under its half cost.
5. She was not promoted to the post of AC till within a few days of her retirement.
6. The terrible sound comes from across the highway.
7. Each item was sold at over a shilling.

Note : Sometimes the object to a preposition is an Adverbial Phrase.

In the above sentences, the prepositions govern the adverbial phrases.

Preposition…..Adverbial Phrase - object
1. about… to circumvent the Prime Minister
2. till…..a few days ago
3. till…..far into the night
4. for…..under its half cost
5. till…..within a few days of his retirement
6. from…..across the highway
7. at…..over a shilling

The Object to A Preposition

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