The Past Passive Participle of Irregular Verbs

The Past Passive Participle of Irregular Verbs :

For some irregular verbs the Past Participle form is identical to the Past Tense. But in others there are two distinct forms - one for the Past and one for the Participle.

The First group began playing at eight. By nine o’clock, all of the groups had begun.

She broke the record on her first run, but even her record had been broken by the end of the competition.

The couple drank a small bottle of wine. By evening’s end, the bottle had been completely drunk.

Father caught a cold. By the end of the week, all of the children had also caught it.

They drove for hours. By nightfall, they had driven 500 miles.

I forbade / forbad you to leave this house.

For the next month, all phone calls are forbidden / forbid.

He forgot my birthday.
Such things are not to be forgotten.

Who hid the children’s presents?
Yes…they are all well hidden.

Last year the com grew slowly.
This year it has already grown over my head.

I heard his last speech.
Few people before that time had heard his name.

What he knew is not everything that was known about the case.

When we met, we were certain that we had met before.

He simply lied. I am not accustomed to be being lied to.

I think we mistook the date. Yes, unfortunately you are mistaken.

I think we outbid the others. No, you were outbidden / outbid.

I’m sure I overfed the fish. They certainly appear to be overfed.

Last month we redid our bathroom. Now the entire house has been redone.

Last year she rented her garage. It has been rented before.

We shook the host’s hand. How many hands have been shaken today?

They sent the package last week to Martha. Why hasn’t ours been sent?

The critic spoke out on the movie. Nothing more need be spoken.

She taught her children their manners. Her children certainly have been well taught.

The plumber unfroze the pipes. Yes. The pipes are now unfrozen.

He consistently upheld the laws of the land. His decisions were always upheld.

I wrote you last week. Why have you not written me?

The Past Passive Participle of Irregular Verbs

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