The Past Tense and Past Passive Participle

The Past Tense and Past Passive Participle :

The Past Participle for regular verbs is the same as the Past Tense form. For irregular verbs, you will have to consult the alphabetical listing.

Have they connected your phone yet?
They connected my phone yesterday.
After a consonant, the Past Tense and Past Participle are formed by adding ED.

Have they based their conclusion on the data?
They based it on the latest findings.
After a silent vowel, the Past Tense and Past Participle are formed by adding D.

Have you asked for a glass of water?
Yes. I asked the waiter a minute ago.
Add ED.

Have they discovered the cause of the illness?
Yes. They discovered it in the last set of tests.
Add ED.

Have you ever earned any money?
Yes. I earned my allowance.
Add ED.

Have you formed a union?
We formed one last month.
Add ED.

Have they increased your work?
They increased mine last week. Add D.

Have they listened to the complaint?
They listened but took no action.

Have they handled the new responsibilities well?
Yes, they handled them well.
Add D.

Have they moved the meeting date?
Yes. They moved it to Tuesday evening.
Add D.

Have you looked under the bed?
Yes. I looked there first.
Add ED.

Have you ever gambled?
I gambled last fall on a cruise ship.
Add D.

Have you remembered where you put your keys?
Yes. I remembered they were on my dresser.
Add D.

Has she ever smiled?
She smiled on her wedding day.
Add ED.

Have you shopped in this mall before?
Yes. We shopped here on our last visit.
The final consonant of a one-syllable word is doubled before adding ED.

The following sentences contain irregular verbs. The endings are not predictable and must be learned.

Have you spoken of this matter with her?
Yes. I spoke to her this morning.

Have you done your homework?
I did it in school.

Have you ever swum a mile?
I swam a mile just this week.

Has he quit smoking?
He quit many years ago.

Have you sent the package?
We sent it last Monday.

Have you gotten a flu shot?
Yes. I got mine in October.

Have you forgotten his birthday again?
You forgot it last year.

Have you sung in a choir before?
I sang in my school choir.

Have you seen the new movie?
We saw it on Saturday evening.

Have you thrown out the trash?
I threw it out after dinner.

The Past Tense and Past Passive Participle

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