The Past Tense of Irregular Verbs

The Past Tense of Irregular Verbs :

There are no rules for the formation of the past tense of irregular verbs. You need to find the correct forms.

  1. I don't want to eat fish again today.
    I ate fish yesterday.

  2. Did you see the new film?
    I saw it last week.

  3. I have no money to spend.
    I spent my allowance on my boots.

  4. Did you bring the books back to the library?
    I brought them back this morning.

  5. Are you going home after work?
    The boss went an hour ago.

  6. I can’t sing anymore today.
    I sang for three hours last night.

  7. Can you drive me to the doctor’s office?
    You drove me last time.

  8. I can run ten miles a day.
    Yesterday I actually ran twelve miles.

  9. Did you find your ring?
    Mom said that she found it in the kitchen?

  10. Do we need to wind the clock?
    No…Jenny wound it yesterday.

  11. Didn’t 1 tell you not to sleep so long?
    You told me no such thing.

  12. What was he thinking?
    I thought he knew where he was going.

  13. How long did you sleep last night?
    Sarah slept ten hours.

  14. We have nothing to drink.
    Who drank all the milk?

  15. How did you ring in the New Year?
    We rang it in with champagne.

  16. Can I hold the trophy now?
    You held it yesterday.

  17. Who is choosing the restaurant for this evening?
    They chose last time.

  18. You are always forgetting something.
    This morning you almost forgot to call a taxi.

  19. I love to read.
    Last evening I read this book from cover to cover.

  20. Who is writing the reply?
    I wrote the last one.

  21. Do you dream often?
    I dreamed / dreamt the strangest thing last night.

  22. Tonight the flowers might freeze.
    Last night they almost froze.

  23. I wanted to blow out the candles!
    But someone already blew them out.

  24. I know what I can do.
    Do you know who did it?

  25. Since you can get your homework done today, you could have done it yesterday.

The Past Tense of Irregular Verbs

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