The Playful Monkey

The Playful Monkey :

Once, a group of monkeys lived at the edge of a forest bordering a small village. They lived off the fruits of the trees that grew in the forest. The monkeys were very wise and they did not bother the villagers and lived a life free from care or worries. The villagers saw the monkeys often. But they too were not worried because, the monkeys never harmed them and were never a nuisance.

One day, the villagers decided to build a small temple to their god just out side their village. When the monkeys saw all the building materials and so many people gathered together, they were at first worried. But there were a few wise old monkeys in the group. They advised the whole group, “Please do not worry about what the men are doing. They are only building a temple. It can be good for us because when the temple is built, we might get to eat all the sweets and other offerings they offer to the idol inside the temple. But we must be very careful not to meddle with what they are doing. That might make them angry. We also do not know or understand a lot of their actions. Some of their things can be dangerous to us.”

The elder monkeys warned the whole group thus. The monkeys decided to heed to the wise advice of their elders. They stayed away from the construction site and were satisfied with playing and feeding on trees that grew a little away. But there was one young monkey who was very curious and could hardly keep himself away from all those strange things the men left behind when they stopped work at nightfall. He had to be constantly reminded by the others to stay away and not to meddle with things he knew nothing about.

But one day, the young monkey’s curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to explore and play around with those strange looking things that the men had left behind. So one evening, after the men left, the young monkey jumped across to the trees overlooking the construction site. All the other monkeys called him back, but in vain. He jumped down to the ground and started fiddling with the tools left behind by the workers, imitating what he had seen the men do.

The other monkeys of the group were worried for him. They jumped across to the trees near the construction site and called him back anxiously.

But this only made him feel more reckless. He was happy that there was so much of attention on him. He jumped on to a huge log of wood. The log had been sawn half way, and a piece of wood had been wedged between to keep from coming together. The foolish monkey got into the gap in the huge log and started pulling at the piece of wood wedged between.

Suddenly the piece of wood came away in his hand and the huge log came together with a sharp crack and trapping the foolish monkey’s body and crushing it to death. The other monkeys watched with a sense of shock and sadness. But they could not do any thing. The poor monkey had died due to his own foolishness.

The Playful Monkey

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The Playful Monkey
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