The Pleasure and The Sorrow of The King

The Pleasure and The Sorrow of The King :

“For the seventh time, you are taking me! All right, I know I will get back to my tree again. Meanwhile, listen to this story,” said the betal as he recited a story he had learned.

“King Gyaneshwar ruled efficiently. He gave a good governance that none could find fault with. He was a learned man. Hence, he always kept the scholars in his court in high esteem besides respecting the visiting scholars too. On hearing this, more scholars kept visiting him. Everyone left behind an indelible life lesson to the king.

One day, another scholar visited him. His name was Pankaj. Gyaneshwar was pleased to receive him. “I am honored, O’ learned one. Will you please stay here with me for some days, so that I can learn something from you which in turn will be useful to my kingdom and the subjects?”

Scholar Pankaj thanked the king. “O’ esteemed king, you know why scholars like to visit your country?”

“Sure, as I said, for the betterment of the country and the subjects here,” the king answered rather politely and diplomatically.

“That is one reason. But there is another reason to it. There is a great saying that, "Brains, like ear, go where they are appreciated!' That is it. Your love, care, interest and hospitality to people like us all that add up to it,” said Pankaj.

Few days later, Pankaj left. His stay was an immense pleasure to Gyaneshwar

He gave a diamond chain to Pankaj "Please grace me with your visit O' learned one. I look forward to receive you again," said Gyaneshwar as he bade farewell to scholar Pankaj.

As fate would have it, on the way scholar Pankaj was intercepted by a robber! He pulled out his dagger and threatened. “I know you are a scholar. And I know that you are coming from the palace. Give me all that the king has given to you or else you won’t be alive to see the sunrise tomorrow!”

Pankaj gave the diamond chain. “It is the only valuable I have with me. Take it,” he gave away the chain. The robber pocketed the chain. Suddenly, it struck him that the scholar (Pankaj) had seen him now and that he would surely give an accurate description of him and then the guards would trace him in no time and at last the king would put him to death. No sooner he thought in this line, he stabbed Pankaj and killed him!

This news rocked the king like a thunder bolt! He visited the spot and arranged for the funeral of Pankaj. As ordered by him, the robber was caught. The king had him hanged!

However, the king was sad. “It was my mistake! If I had not given the diamond chain, scholar Pankaj would not have been killed. I could have at least sent a guard to escort him,” he thought. He became sorrowful.

It tormented his mind day and night and he fell sick! The queen called for a physician. Incidentally, he had some mystical powers too! On hearing the reason for the king’s sorrows, he volunteered that he would bring Pankaj back to life!

“That would be the only way! If it is okay with you, I can revive Pankaj in a short while from now!” he offered to help him.

King Gyaneshwar thought for some time. He said, “Why, yes, that is so good of you. But I want you to revive the robber too!” he insisted. The physician shook his head. “My powers are limited. I can bring only one back to life. Tell me, of these two whom you want me to revive?”

“If you can’t revive the robber, then don’t revive Pankaj too,” the king said.

The betal said, “So, that is it. O’ king Vikram. Now tell me, why did the king did not want Pankaj alone to be revived? Why did he want the robber also to be brought back to life?”

“That is because, if Pankaj is brought back to life, then why the robber was alone punished to that extent? Hence, he wanted both of them both or none!” answered Vikram.

“Really you deserve a pat on the back, Vikram for your superb judgment. And it brings us to the end of the road. Doesn’t it?

So, let me rush back to my Peepul tree!” The next moment the betal wriggled out of his grip and glided back!

The Pleasure and The Sorrow of The King

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The Pleasure and The Sorrow of The King - The Pleasure and The Sorrow of The King
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