The Preposition BY

The Preposition BY :

BY : (preposition) - used especially with a passive verb to show the person or thing that performs an action or causes a result

1. I was attacked by a snake.
2. The building was designed by a famous architect.

BY : through the use or means of

1. Send the letter by airmail.
2. I know her by sight.
3. I know what she looks like.

BY : passing through or along.

1. I knew the robber came in by the back door.

BY : beside or near

1. Sit by me.
2. I go by the house everyday.
3. Be here by four O'clock.

BY : not later than or before

1. By 1995, the population will have risen to over 1000 million.

BY : in accordance with

1. To play by the rules is to obey the rules.
2. By the standard, it is no achievement at all.

BY : in expressions of strong feelings and solemn promises

1. By God's grace, he is saved!

BY : in measurements and numbers

1. The room is 10 feet by 5 feet.

BY : used to show a rate or quantity

1. We are paid by the hour.
2. You will be paid by the number of unit your stitch.

BY : having (the stated person or animal) as a father

1. She had two children by her first husband.
2. My mother had another child by her second-husband.

BY ONESELF : completely alone

1. He was sitting by himself.
2. I did it all by myself.

The Preposition BY

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