The Preposition DUE TO

The Preposition DUE TO :

DUE TO – Preposition

Meanings :

1. Because of
2. Caused by
3. Owing to
4. Ascribable to

Example Sentences :

1. His success is entirely due to hard work.
2. The price of gold shot up due to rumours of war.
3. The share-market faced a heavy loss due to the political turmoil.
4. He failed in this exam due to his bad-health.
5. We have to go earlier than normal time due to the possibility of rain.
6. He is not coming to our house due to your accusations.
7. His failure was not due to any lack of preparation.
8. They have to withdraw their application due to strong objections.
9. The student's absence is due to ill health.
10. The mail is due to arrive at one O'clock.
11. Owing to high cost of living, public servants ask for more pay.

DUE TO and OWING TO are similar in meaning.
DUE TO is used after the verb TO BE.
OWING TO cannot be used in this manner.

The Preposition DUE TO

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