The Preposition FOR

The Preposition FOR :

FOR : intended to belong to or be given to

1. I have got a present for you.
2. They've bought some new chairs for the office.

FOR : instead of (or) so as to help

1. Let me lift that luggage for you.

FOR : as a help to (or) in order to improve the condition

1. The doctor has given her some medicine for her cold.

FOR : at the time of (or) on the occasion of

1. We've invited our guests for 8 O'clock.
2. I am warning her for the last time.
3. France is famous for its wines.
4. The boys are ready for action.
5. I have to run for my life.
6. I have to run to save my life.
7. He says so and I for one believe him.
8. I believe him even if no one else does.

FOR : in favour of (or) in support of (or) in agreement (or) in defence of

1. Are you for the government or against it?
2. The boys set off for the school.

The Preposition FOR

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