The Prepositions WITH and IN

The Prepositions WITH and IN :

WITH is also used after a number of adjectives which say how people behave to others.

1. I am cross with you.
2. You have been very patient with me.

After fight, quarrel, argue, play, and verbs with similar meanings, WITH can be used with the same meaning as AGAINST.

1. Don't fight with him.
2. Will you play chess with me?

Note that IN is usually used to refer to articles of clothing, kinds of voice and writing instruments.

1. Who's the man in the big hat?
2. Why is she talking in such a high voice?
3. Please, sign in ink, not in pencil.

Bump into (not against)

1. I bumped into Martin in Umpherson Street yesterday.
2. I met him by chance.
3. As I was careless, I bumped into a lamp-post.

Crash into = Drive into = Run into
Bump into = Drive into = Run in
Dream of = think of = imagine = dream about

The Prepositions WITH and IN

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