The Present Tense of Irregular Verbs

The Present Tense of Irregular Verbs :

It may be difficult to find the Present Tense or basic form for irregular verbs when you only have the past tense. In general, look at the first set of consonants for a guide. Irregular verbs have different ways of forming that Past Tense. They do not have the normal “d" or “ed" ending. Some of these you will simply have to memorize.

1. I spoke with him last night, but we need to speak again.

2. I forbade you to smoke. Now I must forbid you to buy any tobacco products.

3. Where did you lose your hat? Your father never loses anything.

4. Who sat next to you last week? This week you sit right here.

5. Who got the joker? I never seem to get it.

6. Your aunt caught a cold at the skating rink. She catches the flu every winter.

7. He sped past the police officer? That car speeds past here every day.

8. Someone stole my car keys? Why would anyone steal them?

9. We met at the party. I almost never meet new people.

10. The first plane left an hour ago. The next one leaves in ten minutes.

11. The skater spun around on the ice. I wish I could spin like that.

12. He stood in line for over ten hours. I stand that long in my job.

13. They all sought freedom in America. Even today immigrants seek a better life.

14. They fought long and hard, but you can only fight for so long.

15. Who already took a shower? I never take my shower first.

16. They dug into the mine deep into the night. Sometimes they dig all day and night.

17. The bird dove down to the surface of the water. Where did she learn how to dive like that?

18. Yesterday we drew real faces. Usually we draw inanimate objects.

19. She hid her money from her husband. I wonder what he hides from her.

20. Last year the hunter shot only one deer. This year he didn’t shoot a thing.

21. The child shook the tree with all her might. When she shakes it, lots of acorns fall down.

22. I was struck by your comments. It isn’t often that we strike people with our words.

23. The Titanic sank in a matter of hours. Do you think a cruise ship can sink today?

24. They hung wallpaper all afternoon. Now that I have seen it, I can hang some too.

25. Was that the first time you rode on our subway? Most New Yorkers ride the subway to work everyday.

The Present Tense of Irregular Verbs

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