The Princess and The Three Kings

The Princess and The Three Kings :

Once there lived a princess called Mythili. She was an extremely beautiful and intelligent young woman. When the time came for her to be married, her father King Naresh invited all the eligible kings and princes to come and try to win her hand. None won the favour of the princess. And then at last three young kings came to seek Mythili’s hand. Each one of them was very wealthy and powerful.

The first king’s name was Nalin. He was a very good looking and intelligent man. He was also an expert astrologer and had the powers of prophecy.

The second king’s name was Vishal. He was a very clever administrator and knew how to use wealth wisely. He also had a chariot that could fly.

The third king’s name was Ajith. He was known to be a wise and just king. He was also an extraordinary soldier. It was said of him that no foe could survive even one stroke of his sword.

The king received all three suitors and asked them to stay at the palace as royal guests till the princess gave her verdict. They agreed and each was led to his chamber. But that night a strange thing happened. Princess Mythili suddenly disappeared. The king and queen called the three young kings and asked them to help find the princess.

King Nalin used his powers of prophecy and discovered that the princess had been captured by a demon and was being held captive in a castle far away. King Vishal took the others there in his flying chariot. When they got there, they found themselves face to face with a huge demon. The demon roared with anger and rushed at them. But King Ajith drew his sword and beheaded the wicked creature with just one stroke of his sword.

Here Betal asked King Vikram, “O King Vikram, tell me, who do you think Princess Mythili chose as her husband and why? Remember, if you know the answer and don’t reply, your head will shatter into pieces.”

King Vikram answered, “All the young kings were deserving suitors. But Princess Mythili would have chosen King Ajith.

The duty of any man is to be able to protect the lives of his loved ones. If it was not for King Ajith, the demon would have destroyed them all. Therefore doubtlessly, it was King Ajith who was chosen by Princess Mythili.”

Betal said, “That was indeed the right answer O king. But now I must go away again. You failed to remain silent. But I will not fail to leave you and go back to my abode.”

So saying, Betal slipped away and flew back to the banyan tree with King Vikram following behind.

The Princess and The Three Kings

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