The Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

The Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs :

Long long ago, there lived a queen in a far away kingdom. She was very kind and generous. One day as she sat besides the window knitting, the needle pricked her forefinger and three drops of blood fell on the snow below. The red blood looked fine on the white snow she thought to herself. “How I wish I had a daughter who was as white as snow and whose cheeks were as red as an apple and her hair as black as the ebony” she said to herself.

Not very far from then she gave birth to a girl child who was as white as snow, whose cheeks were as red as blood and whose hair was as black as ebony. The queen was overjoyed at the sight of her beautiful child. But Alas!!! God did not let her enjoy her life with her child. No sooner she gave birth to the child she took her last breath. The king was though happy listening to the sweet news of the birth of his child and was at the same time very sad that his dear wife was no longer there. A year passed by and the king thought that it was very necessary that his child have a second mother. And so, he married for the second time.

Now, the second mother was a beautiful woman. She was not just beautiful but was also very proud of her beauty. She had a fantastic mirror which not just reflected her beauty but also told her various facts of the life. But the queen always had one question ready for herself. She would sit for long hours in front of the mirror and say, “Looking-glass, looking gloss on the wall… Who in the land is fairest of all?"

And the Looking-glass would answer, "Thou, O Queen, art the fairest of all!”

Thus, she would feel contented.

Now, snow white grew up to be a young girl. And as she grew she became more and more beautiful. Her skin grew fairer and the cheeks got brighter, her hair grew as black as charcoal.

One day when the queen stood in front of the mirror and questioned, "Looking-glass, looking glass on the wall who in the land is fairest of all?’’

The looking-glass answered: “Thou art fairer than all who are here, Lady Queen. But more beautiful by far is Snow-white, I ween.”

At this the Queen flew into rage and shouted, “Oh No!!! That can’t be possible. I am the most beautiful woman and I would remain so!!!’'

From that day, she made snow-white do all the house-hold works. She would make her wash plates, water the plants and scrub the floor. She would make her go out in the hot sun to fetch the wood hoping her skin would grow dark. But all her plans were in vain. And each day, snow-white became more and more beautiful. One day, the queen decided that snow-white should die and she sent for a huntsman.

And she said, “Take the child away into the wood. I will no longer have her in my sight. Kill her and bring me back her heart as a token.’

The huntsman did not have the heart to do so. But he had to obey the queen for she would kill him if he wouldn’t obey her. He thus took away snow-white into the deep forest to kill her. But as he pulled out his big knife to stab her he fell down with sorrow and shame arid began to sob for Snow-white was so beautiful and innocent.

Snow-white then asked him, “Why do you cry so, dear huntsman?”

When the huntsman narrated the queen’s orders to her she was stunned with fear.

She began to weep and said, “Ah, dear huntsman, leave me my life! I will run away into the wild wood and never come home again.”

And as she was so beautiful the huntsman had pity on her and said, “Run away, then, you poor child.”

The wild beasts will soon kill her….thought he and yet it seemed as if a stone had been rolled from his heart, since it was no longer needful for him to kill her. As a young boar just then came running by he stabbed it and cut out its heart and took it to the Queen as a proof that the child was dead.

The queen seeing the proof that her huntsman had got her was quite satisfied and rested in peace. But now Snow-white was so lonely and deserted in the entire forest. She walked and walked and walked until she could no longer move her hands or feet. Far across a distance she saw a bright light and somehow made her way till there. When she finally reached there, she saw to her relief that it was a small cottage. She went into the cottage to rest herself. In there, she saw a small table, seven small chairs, seven cups, seven plates, seven knives and seven forks. Further ahead, she saw seven small beds and small clothes lying here and there. She wandered everywhere in the cottage hoping to find someone who could give her some food. But, there was no one there and she finally took the liberty of drinking some soup and eating some bread from each of the small cups and small plates. She did not have the heart of eating everything from one single plate. As she finished eating she grew tired and went to take a small nap into the small bedroom. But None of the beds there fitted her. So, she joined all the beds and slept on them.

When it was noon, the owners of the house who were seven dwarfs returned. Surprised to see the door open the first dwarf jumped inside the house and yelled, “Oh look there, someone has come creeping into the house.”

And the second one said, “Oh yes and look someone has been drinking from my cup”

And thus, each of the dwarfs exclaimed about the cups, plates, knives and forks. When they finally went into the bedroom who do they see here...pretty little girl! All the dwarfs stood there stunned at her beauty. And all of them started to whisper among themselves as to who she could be. At this hush hush…..Snow-white woke up bewildered.

“Who are you child? And why do you sleep on our beds?” asked the eldest of the dwarfs.

And Snow-white narrated her story to them. All the dwarfs felt sorry for her and said, “Snow-white we are gold-miners and we dig the earth to get gold. If you will take care of our house, cook, make the beds, wash, sew, and knit and if you will keep everything neat and clean, you can stay with us and you shall want for nothing.”

“Oh Yes! I would love to do that!” exclaimed Snow-white and the dwarfs sang and danced happily listening to that. Thus, Snow-white now stayed with the seven dwarfs helping them daily in their work.

Now, here the queen who had thought that Snow-white was dead went to the mirror and asked, “looking-glass, looking glass on the wall….Who in the land is fairest of all?"

The looking-glass answered, "Thou art fairer than all who are here, Lady Queen, But more beautiful by far is Snow-white, I ween.”

“That can’t be possible!!!!” the queen roared, “I got Snow-white killed!”

But the looking glass hardly said a word. It just reflected the cottage in which Snow-white lived with the seven dwarfs. And there, Snow-white looked beautiful as she ever was. The queen enraged at this and grew wild and burned with jealousy. And envy grew higher and higher in her heart like a weed, so that she had no peace day or night. She finally thought of a plan and went down into the dark cellar where she prepared a poisonous apple. Now, she prepared it in such a way that it was poisonous on one half but was non-poisonous on the other. And she masked herself as an old woman and went into the jungle in search of Snow-White.

Deep in the jungle, where the dwarfs lived, each of the dwarf used to kiss Snow-white a good-bye before they left to work and all of them together said, “Don’t let anyone come inside the house Snow-white for the queen might return back to you anytime! Beware!!!”

And Snow-white would then close the door and bolt it tight so that no one would enter into the small little cottage. One day, after the dwarfs left, Snow-white was singing to herself and knitting some small clothes for the dwarfs while she heard a knock at the door. She peeped through the window to see who it was and there she stood – the wicked queen dressed as an old woman.

"Would you care to buy some apples little child? See they are all so red.’’

"No. I am sorry grandmother. But, I do not wish to buy anything now...”Snow-white replied.

And as she was about to close the window the old woman said, “I know why you do not want to buy the apples sweet heart. You do not trust me. Do you? All right! Watch me. I am going to eat the same apple which I would give to you and then you can try!”

And the wicked lady ate from the other side of the apple which was made non-poisonous. Snow-white stood and watched that nothing happened to the old lady. And the apple was so tempting that she forgot all that the dwarfs had advised her and ate the apple. No sooner she ate the apple, Snow-white collapsed and closed her eyes.

“Hahahahahahaha”, roared the queen, "And now, Snow-white will never wake up again until a prince falls in love with her and kisses her.”

“And who do you expect in this deep forest to kiss her!!! She would be buried by the dwarfs no sooner they find her dead” and contented she went back to the palace and stood in front of the mirror and shot, “Looking-glass, looking glass on the wall….Who in the land is fairest of all?”

And the looking-glass answered, “Thou, O Queen, art the fairest of all!"

“Yes!!! Now I am the most beautiful,” the queen said to herself satisfied.

Here, in the deep forest, when the dwarfs came back from the work saw that no lights were on and Snow-white was not there at the door waiting for them.

“Something is wrong!” shouted the youngest dwarf and all of them banged at the door. But there were no replies from inside. When, one of the dwarfs peeped from the window he saw to his horror that Snow-white was lying dead on the floor.

“Oh Heavens! Oh Heavens! What do we do now? Whoever killed Snow-white” cried he.

And then all the dwarfs broke open the door and ran beside their dear Snow-white. They cried and cried until there were no tears left in their eyes and they cursed the queen for having done such a thing to their Snow-white. They finally made a glass coffin and placed Snow-white inside surrounded by silk robes and cushion pillows so that she would rest in peace. As they took her to bury in the grave yard no one had the heart to put her into the ground. They finally decided that they should place her in the cottage and each one of them would stay back from work to take care of her. And this would continue until one of them could make the heart to bury her.

Thus, every day, one of the dwarfs used to stay back to take care of her. Many days passed and they did not bury her. One day, a prince who came hunting in that direction stopped to drink some water from the cottage and saw that there was a glass coffin in which there was a lady sleeping and there was a dwarf guard sitting beside her. He walked over to the dwarf to find out what was wrong and was stunned to see such a beautiful lady in the coffin.

“Why is this beautiful lady sleeping so comrade?” asked the prince.

And the dwarf narrated all that had happened to the prince.

“Oh!! I wonder who that cruel lady could be who has poisoned such a beautiful woman! May I be permitted to kiss her?” asked the prince.

The dwarf found no harm in that and opened the coffin. The prince kissed her with love and Lo!!! Snow-white opened her eyes and smiled at him!

The dwarf was so surprised to see her and he ran to get others to see that their dear Snow- white had come alive. The prince without waiting for a moment took Snow-white and the seven dwarfs to his kingdom where he married her and lived happily,

Whereas the wicked queen again asked the mirror, "Looking-glass, looking glass on the wall….Who in the land is fairest of all?”

The looking-glass answered, "Thou art fairer than all who are here. Lady Queen, But more beautiful by far is Snow-white. I ween…She was taken by a prince and now is a queen. And nothing worked out though you were so mean.”

At these words the queen grew wild again and when the mirror showed that Snow-white was as happy as ever, the queen went mad and thus pulling out her hair ran deep into the forest. And no one knew what happened to her after that. But, folks know that Snow-white lived happily ever after.

The Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

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