The Three Kings

The Three Kings :

“I won’t leave you,” said Vikram. The betal on his shoulder told another story.

For quite some time then, king Ugrasena had been searching a suitable match for his daughter, princess, Mohini. But a few who visited so far failed to make any impression!

One morning, three kings arrived over there. The purpose was to marry prince Mohini. All the three were young and handsome. Ugrasena welcomed all of them. The three kings introduced themselves.

The first king was a scholar. A well learned man with some occult powers. He was a soft spoken man. He was a mind-reader.

The second was an able administrator. He seemed to have the Midas touch! Whatever he did fetched him immense revenue to his kingdom. And he had a flying chariot!

The third was a tough-looking man. He was broad shouldered and seemed courageous and had been trained in warfare. He was an expert in sword fighting.

Ugrasena said, “Nice to know you guys. It must have been a long and tiring journey. Please stay in the guest houses. We will discuss tomorrow.”

But the next morning, princess Mohini could not be seen in her chamber. She had disappeared! The wounded sentry at the gate told Ugrasena that a demon had come over there in the middle of the night and had beaten him and went inside and abducted the princess!”

Meanwhile, the three kings came over there. Ugrasena sought their help.

“Please trace my daughter,” he pleaded.

The first king with occult powers took out a mirror and rubbed some holy ash on to and peered at it.

“True, prince Mohini has been abducted. The demon is keeping her imprisoned in a cave inside the forest behind the mountain!” he pointed out. It is quite a distance from here. It is at the North side amidst three hills and a small pond!”

“If so, what are we waiting for?” called the second king. “Come on. Let us go and rescue the princess before it could eat her up. Hop on my chariot,” he urged.

The next moment, the chariot carrying Ugrasena and the three kings shot off into space. It flew over lakes, hills and valleys. And it seemed to be flying forever! After what seemed to be an endless time, it reached the correct spot.

The surrounding was horrifying! There were human bones scattered all around. At one corner behind the bush, there was a crack in the rock. “That is the cave. She must be kept in there,” said the second king.

Just then there came a deafening noise! The crack in the rock gradually widened with a grinding noise. The four reared back. At last a demon emerged out! It was as big as a house. It stood glaring at them all. Then it stepped towards them menacingly.

Except for the third king, the others ran away! But the courageous third king stood firm and drew out his sword, when the demon brushed him aside with a powerful pillar-like and hairy hand. But the king fought back. The next instant, his sword swung around and chopped off the demon’s hand!

The demon grew wilder and it advanced quicker when the brave third king fell down and rolled over. At the same time, his sword cut off its one leg! The demon collapsed, when the king pounced on it. That time the king’s sword chopped off its head! With a loud roaring noise, the demon died!

The king did not waste a moment. He darted inside the cave and caught the hand of princess Mohini and they ran out. Then, they all flew back safely in the chariot.

The betal stopped talking. “Are you taking a nap, Vikram? I know, you are as tired as you are bored. Any way, it is time to speak up. Tell me, of all these three kings, who is the right one to marry princess Mohini?”

“All the three kings contributed immensely. But when the time came for the confrontation, it was the third king who stood his ground and braved the mighty demon not caring for his dear life. Otherwise the demon would have killed all of them including the princess. The other two kings have fled sensing the danger, but not the third king! So, he is the right one to win the princess’ hand!”

No sooner Vikram said this answer, the betal snapped. “Now let me fly back in my invisible chariot!” The next instant, it was gone!

The Three Kings

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