The Two Uses of Adverbs

The Two Uses of Adverbs :

As in the case of Adjectives, there are two different ways in which Adverbs can be used.

(a) The Attributive
(b) The Predicative

(a) Attributive use :

An Adverb is used attributively, when it qualifies its word in the ordinary way, that is, when it is placed as close as possible before it or after it.

1. He is entirely wrong.
2. He shouted loudly.
3. He did his work very badly.
4. I dislike him only because he is lazy.

(b) Predicative use :

An Adverb is used predicatively, when it is made part of the Predicate of a sentence.

1. It is here.
2. It is there.
3. It is everywhere.


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  17. The Two Uses of Adverbs
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  21. The Adverb
  22. Relative Adverbs

The Two Uses of Adverbs :

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