The use of Articles

The use of Articles :

A / AN can only be used with singular countable nouns.

1. a man
2. an umbrella
3. a dog
4. a school

THE can be used with all kinds of nouns.

1. the cat
2. the cats
3. the water

Plural nouns and uncountable nouns can be used with no article (cats, water) but singular countable nouns cannot.

Note : It is a very important point.

Singular countable nouns must always have an article (or another determiner like my, his).

We can say…..

1. a cat
2. the cat
3. this cat
4. my cat

(but not cat)

There are some exceptions in expressions with prepositions like by car, in bed, etc.

Before the names of professions, the article is always used.

Janu is studying to be a chartered accountant.

The use of Articles

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