The Verb BE

The Verb BE :

The forms of the verb BE simply must be memorized. You can’t get very far in English without them.

TO BE or NOT TO BE - that is the question. The basic form is used for the infinitive.

Some say it is foolish to be an actor. The third person singular Present Tense form is IS.

When I was in high school, many students were actors.

The Past Tense first person singular form is WAS.

The Past Tense for we, you, and they is WERE.

But since they are now adults, they are not willing to appear foolish in front of other adults. The Present Tense plural for we, you, and they is ARE.

Children can be more natural. The auxiliary verb “can” combines with the basic form of the verb.

They do not seem to care if anyone is in the audience. The third person singular for the Present Tense is IS.

They will be ready at a moment's notice to put on costumes and makeup and then be someone else on stage. The Simple Future combines the verb WILL with the basic form of the verb.

I sometimes wish that I were a child again.

The Past Subjunctive for the verb “be” is “were.”

You will frequently encounter the form using the Past Tense…I wish I was there.

“Be yourself,” my father used to say. The Imperative form is the same as the basic form.

He was a great singer and I am sure that he was being sincere when he told me…Third person singular Past Tense, first person singular Present and third person singular Past Tense.

If you try, you will be a great actor or singer too.

The Simple Future is formed from the verb “will" plus the basic form.

If he had been there to see my acting debut, I am sure that he would have been proud of me.

Here are examples of both the Past Perfect Subjunctive and the Present Perfect Subjunet.

Mom was happy to see me.

The Simple Past form for the third person singular is WAS.

We will never be sure that Dad was not right by her side.

Simple Future using “will” are the basic form.

Simple Past third person singular is “was."

You have to master the usages of the verb BE.

The Verb BE

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