The Verbs

The Verbs :

Verb is a word or group of words used in describing an action, experience or state [such as wrote in she wrote a letter, put on in (He put on his coat) or feels in (She feels hungry)].

There are two kinds of verb.

1. Transitive verb
2. Intransitive verb

A verb is a word that tells or asserts something about a person or thing. It is the word in a sentence.

A verb tells what a person or thing does.
A verb tells what is done to a person or thing.
A verb tells what a person or thing is.

He eats mango.
In this sentence, what does he do? He eats mango. The action that he does is EATS. So, this sentence says about what he does. EATS is the verb here carried out by him.

She killed her sister.
In this sentence, what is that she did to her sister?
Actually, she killed her sister. KILLED is the verb here which she carried out on her sister.

They are happy.
In this sentence, how are they? As per this sentence, it seems, they are happy. What they are is being happy. So, the state of their condition is that they are happy. So, ARE is the verb here.

So, EATS, KILLED and ARE the verbs which are being used by the author in the above sentences.

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The Verbs

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