The Wiser of The Two

The Wiser of The Two :

Long ago there were two very gifted brothers in the service of King Aparajit. The elder of the two brothers had the ability to look at people and judge their character and intentions. The younger brother had the ability to touch and smell things and predict their nature and properties. The king never decided on anything before consulting them.

One day a neighbouring king approached him with an offer of friendship. King Aparajit decided to verify his neighbour’s intentions. He called both the brothers and sent them as envoys to the neighbouring king. When they returned, they said to the king, “O King Aparajit, your foe is a great king. But we feel he is jealous of you.”

Hearing them, the king decided to proceed with accepting the neighbour’s offer of friendship with caution.

After many days, his neighbour invited him for a banquet. King Aparajit went with the two brothers. After a grand banquet, the king was just going to lie down to rest when the elder of the brothers stopped him by saying. “I think that pillow is dangerous.”

The king asked the younger brother the reason why. When the younger brother opened up the pillow, he saw it stuffed with a kind of animal hair. When he smelt it he agreed with his brother.

He said, “O king if you lie down on this pillow, the hair will pierce your skin and a deadly poison in it will kill you instantly.”

Thus the king’s life was saved.

Betal asked the king, “Which of the brothers was wiser?”

King Vikram answered, “The elder of the two was wiser. He sensed that the pillow was dangerous. Only after the younger brother had touched and smelt it did he warn the king. The elder brother’s advice was timely.”

Betal said, “You were right again O King. If only you did not answer, you could have taken me with you.”

Betal slipped away to the banyan tree. King Vikram once again made his way back to continue with his difficult task.

The Wiser of The Two

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