The Wonders of Science

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The Wonders of Science :

This is an age of science. It has revolutionized the life of man. Great and far-reaching inventions and discoveries are the gifts of science. It has blessed man with a number of instruments and house-hold gadgets. These machines and instruments are not only great but wonderful. If we see them working and think for ourselves for sometime, we will be wonderstricken. For example, think about the T.V. what a spectacular thing it is! We can hear the sound and see the picture at the same time coming from a long distance. There are thousands of instruments. It is highly impossible to list them in this short essay.

Fifty years ago, thousands of people used to die of plague, cholera and fever. There were no medicines even for minor diseases. Now there is no such situation. So many dreadful diseases have been completely wiped out. In the field of surgery, science has created the greatest records. Now there are open-heart surgery, brain surgery and replacement organs. This has prolonged the life-span of man.

A man can go round the world in few hours. He will be able to have his break-fast in one continent, lunch in another, supper and sleep still in another continent. This is possible due to electric trains, very speedy aeroplane and jets.

We have wonderful instruments in the field of mass communication. Rockets, missiles and space crafts have been helping man to a great extent. We can talk with our friends and relatives who are thousands of miles away through telephone.

Atomic energy is powerful many times more than electricity. So it is used to run mills, factories and great industrial and technological organisationns. Atomic explosions can be used for leveling mountains and digging canals. Mechanised farming is going on in a large-scale. It is due to the modem agricultural impliments, tractors, artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Thus, science has given us many facilities which would not have come into existence if our ancestors had not given importance to the SCIENCE.

The service of the radio, T.V. and computer requires pages after pages. This is the age of computer. Everybody is calking about the software and hardware computer technology. Hundreds of training institutions have been started in every city and town.

The Wonders of Science

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