Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer :

Tom Sawyer lived with his Aunt Polly and cousin Sidney. Tom had a liking for living his life outdoors. He was fourteen years old and Aunt Polly spent half her time finding out where Tom was.

Today was one such day. Aunt Polly kept calling, “Tom, where are you? I want you to paint the fences.”

Tom was there close-by but he did not answer. He hated doing any house work. It took up too much of his time. And moreover it wasn’t fun. Tom wanted to go for a swim this morning with his friend Huckleberry Finn.

Tom and Huck usually had a good time. Today, when Tom met Huck, he said, “Tom, I have just been reading a book. It says that if we want to ward off evil spirits we will have to visit the graveyard at midnight at least once in our lifetime.”

Tom said, “Come on Huck. You don’t believe in such things. But if you want to go I will come with you,” said Tom.

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn decided to meet at midnight outside the graveyard.

That night Tom sneaked out of his house. He met Huck outside the graveyard. It was exactly twelve o’clock. Both the boys were scared. They kept close to each other. Tom pretended to be brave and walked ahead and entered the graveyard.

Suddenly, they heard voices. The two boys jumped and were ready to run.

Tom caught hold of Huck’s hand and said, “I don’t think it is a ghost. Let us go closer to the voices and find out what it is.”

Huckleberry Finn was not very keen. He was sure the voices they had heard were of some evil spirits but he followed Tom anyway.

In the distance they saw two men. They were talking. As Tom and Huck got closer, they heard one of the men say, “We should keep this loot in Nook Island. It will be safe there.”

“You are right,” said the other. A little later the two men had gone leaving Tom and Huck alone.

Tom said, “Huck, they were grave robbers. I have seen this Nook Island on the map. Listen. We will try and get back the loot. Then we can inform the police.”

Huck was thoughtful for a moment and then said, “Okay.”

The boys had decided to leave for Nook Island on a raft they had built earlier. They were to leave in the morning and be back before sunset. Early next morning the two boys were off with a map as their guide. They had told nobody of their plan.

They reached Nook Island late evening. It was a tiny island. There didn’t seem to be anyone there.

“Are you sure this is the island?” asked Huck.

“Yes. This is the place,” replied Tom confidently.

“Let us look around.”

So, both Tom and Huck went about exploring the place.

All of a sudden, they saw the grave robbers they had seen the day before. The thieves were digging a hole in the ground to bury their loot. Tom signaled to Huck not to make any noise. The two boys waited for the thieves to leave. The thieves left just before it had gone dark.

Once the thieves had left, Tom and Huck dug up all the loot. They found that the grave robbers had collected quite a fortune. They put all this in a bag they had brought. Since it was night they agreed to start on their way back home the next morning.

Meanwhile at home, seeing that Tom had not returned, Aunt Polly was worried. She went to Huck’s house. Huck’s mother said that her son too had been missing since morning. All their neighbours looked for the two boys. But there was no sign of them.

Having spent the night, Tom and Huck started for home with the loot. They reached home that evening. Aunt Polly was relieved to see Tom back home. Huck’s parents too were very happy. The two boys narrated their adventure. The police were called and the loot was given to them. The police had no trouble catching the grave robbers after Tom and Huck had described them. The boys were congratulated by everyone.

Tom Sawyer

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