Two Blind Boys and Their Father

Two Blind Boys and Their Father :

“While you take me, listen to this story,” the betal continued narrating.

He was a poor Brahmin. He had two sons in the late teens. Both his sons were blind! And the Brahmin’s business too had flopped. Then, he was forced to go to the next town where he could start afresh. That was the sad part of his life!

He chalked out a plan. Prior to leaving, he took his blind sons and approached the king. “Your Majesty, king. Kindly lend me some money. I intend to start a business of my own. I will repay the amount within a year from now. Until then, let my two sons be with you. But they won’t be a burden to you. In fact, you will find them useful!”

On hearing it, the king laughed aloud. “In what way, will they be useful to me?”

“Each has some special talents! The elder son Vignesh is competent at evaluating the horses that you will want to buy for your mounted force. Though he cannot see, he can touch and smell the animal and tell you whether or not it is worth buying!”

The king considered this and nodded.

“The younger son, Karthik is an expert appraiser of gold, diamond and all precious stones. He can feel, sniff them and pinpoint whether they are genuine or not and what would be their worthiness!” said the Brahmin.

“All right, I believe your words. If you try to cheat me, I will have these two boys hanged!” replied the king and gave the Brahmin about 1000 gold coins!

The Brahmin thanked the king and left. After quite some time, a horse trader visited. He had brought some good looking horses for sale.

“These are very high pedigree, O’ lord. They are trained in warfare. They will be a delight to you!” he boasted.

The king summoned for Vignesh. “Examine these horses and tell me your opinion,” he took Vignesh near the horses. The horse trader smiled scornfully. He wondered what a blind man could do about it. But, Vignesh went around each of the four horses, brushed them on the back, tapped them gently and took a smell at their body. Then he stood back.

“Your Majesty,” he went on, “These horses are not worthy of buying. They have a wild temperament. If lashed slightly or provoked, they will get mad, toss the rider and break his neck - too dangerous to ride on!”

The king put a test. He told a guard to take a trial ride. ‘‘Just lash him once, while riding and see his reaction!”

The guard did as he was told. The next moment the angry horse galloped frantically and tossed the guard down! The king warned the trader and sent him away.

The same evening, a jeweler visited the king. He showed some precious gems and said they were very valuable. Karthik was brought and asked to appraise the gems. After examining the gems with his fingers and sniffing them, Karthik spoke up. ‘‘No doubt these are rare gems. Very costly, but....”

“But what?” the king asked. Karthik said, “These are most unlucky gems! One who buys them will land in serious troubles. He and his near and dear will fall in prolonging illness!” The jeweler put his head down and walked away! Now the king was really happy with the two blind boys.

Eight months later, the Brahmin returned. He repaid the dues to the king.

“Your two sons are really great. I don’t have the heart to send them back. What talent do you possess? Hearing it, I can retain you three with me!” enquired the king.

“Your Majesty, I can tell about a man from his birth, his parents, grandparents and also their characteristics,” the Brahmin replied.

“Okay, if so, tell me about my forefathers. How they ruled the kingdom?” the king got curious.

“Your forefathers were not kings. They were just butchers by profession! It was your father who overthrew the king he had worked for and ascended the throne!” said the Brahmin.

"Your forefathers were butchers!"

On hearing it, the king became wild. He ordered all the three to be put to death!

The betal wanted to know the answer. “Tell me who is to be blamed for the death penalty of the three?”

“The Brahmin is to be blamed. It was a provocation. Why did he say that the king’s forefathers were butchers? Hence, they were awarded the death penalty!”

“Wow, what an answer! Anyways, you blame yourself for having spoken. So, I am back to square,” the betal said and took off!

Two Blind Boys and Their Father

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Two Blind Boys and Their Father - Two Blind Boys and Their Father
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