Two Forms of Plural

Two Forms of Plural :

There are some Nouns which have two forms in the Plural - each form with a separate meaning of its own.

Brothers - sons of the same mother
Brethren - members of the same society

Cloths - kinds or pieces of cloth
Clothes - articles of dress

Dies - stamps for coinage
Dice - small cubes used in games

Geniuses - men of genius or talent
Genii - fabulous spirits of the air

Indexes - tables of contents
Indices - signs used in algebra

Staves - sticks or poles
Staffs - departments in the army or a business or salaried employees taken collectively

Shot - little balls discharged from a gun
Shot - an attempt to hit by shooting such as…He took a shot at him.

Shots – marksmen or photographic recordings (They were both fine shots.)

Nouns which have one meaning in the Singular and another in the Plural

Singular… Plural

Advice - counsel
Advices - information
Beef - flesh of ox
Beeves - cattle, bulls and cows
Compass (1) range or extent (2) instrument for finding directions
Compasses - an instrument for drawing circles
Good - benefit
Goods - movable property
Iron - a metal
Irons - fetters made of iron
Physic - medicine
Physics - natural science
Return - coming back
Returns - the proceeds or profit of an undertaking
Vesper - evening
Vespers - evening prayers
Sand - a kind of matter
Sands - a tract of sandy land
Force - strength or energy
Forces - armed men
Air - atmosphere
Airs - assumed demeanor

But we also speak of natural forces or the forces of nature.

Nouns which have two meanings in the Plural against one in the Singular


Colour - colour
Colours - (1) kinds of colour (2) flag of regiment

Custom - habit
Customs - (1) habits (2) toll or tax

Letter - (1) Of alphabet (2) Epistle
Letters - (1) of alphabet (2) epistle (3) learning

Pain - suffering
Pains - (1) sufferings (2) trouble, care

Effect - result
Effects - (1) results (2) goods and chattels

Manner - mode or way
Manners - (1) modes and ways (2) behaviour

Number - as in counting
Numbers - (1) as in counting (2) metre of poetry

Part - portion
Parts - (1) portions (2) abilities

Spectacle - anything seen
Spectacles - (1) things seen (2) glasses to help the sight

Premise - statement or proposition
Premises - (1) propositions (2) houses and grounds

Quarter - a fourth part
Quarters - (1) fourth parts (2) lodgings


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Two Forms of Plural :

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