Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences :

There are three types of sentences as far as the number of verbs in those sentences is concerned.

1. Simple Sentences
2. Complex Sentences
3. Compound Sentences

Simple Sentences :

A simple sentence has only one verb that is finite verb. It has one subject and one predicate. A simple sentence has only one finite verb. The subject may be understood also.

Simple Sentences :

1. A knife is a simple tool.
2. I don't know.
3. He is just a simple farmer.
4. We saw her on Wednesday.
5. We bought a pencil.
6. He comes today.
7. They are playing.
8. It is raining.
9. She is proceeding with this project.
10. I will not come to school today.

Note :

A knife, I, He, We - Subjects
Is, don't, know, is, saw - Predicates

Complex Sentences :

1. If it rains, I won't go.

This is a complex sentence.

Main Clause : I won't go
Subordinate Clause : If it rains

A complex sentence contains one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses.

1. They rested when the play was over.
2. I won’t go if it rains.
3. She blushes, therefore she is willing.
4. A guest is unwelcome when he stays for a long time.
5. They serve God well who serve His creatures.

They serve God - Main clause
Who serve His creatures - Adjective clause

Compound Sentences :

A compound sentence is made up of two or more Principal or Main clauses.

1. The horse reared and its rider was suddenly thrown out.
2. I called her, but she gave me no answer.
3. Shorab rushed into the field, and form fighting fell.
4. She must weep or she will die.
5. Govern your passions or they will govern you.
6. We eat to live and not we live to eat.
7. God gave the rivers and men pollute them.
8. Man discovered fire and learnt to cook.
9. Celibacy has no pleasures and marriage has many pains.
10. I am a rogue and I am not ashamed of it.
11. You have to deal with me as such.
12. We are going to Trichy which is a big town in the central Tamil Nadu.
13. He is going to buy a house in his village which is far away from Chennai.

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Types of Sentences

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