Usages of Irregular Verbs 

Usages of Irregular Verbs :

These are verbs you simply must learn to speak and write English correctly.

  1. Who can learn this poem?
    We are learning it in our class.
    I remember that I learned / learnt it years ago.
    That poem has been learned / learnt by thousands of schoolchildren.

  2. Lead the way.
    I am leading.
    Who led last time?
    We were never led before.

  3. I read a book a week.
    This week I am reading a detective novel.
    Last week I read a romance.
    I have been reading since I was a child.

  4. He bleeds easily.
    His finger is bleeding now.
    I bled easily as a boy.
    My nose has bled since last week.

  5. Try not to catch a cold.
    I think I already am catching a cold.
    My sister caught one last week.
    Have you caught the flu this year?

  6. That dealer sells cars.
    We are selling ours too.
    Last year he sold many.
    This year he has already sold a dozen cars.

  7. Can you prove he is wrong?
    I am proving it in court.
    I proved our case to the judge.
    He ruled that our position was proven by the evidence.

  8. Did you see the new film?
    We are seeing it this afternoon.
    Our friends saw it last week.
    The film has been seen by millions.

  9. Choose one color.
    We are choosing.
    They chose red.
    Our color was chosen for us.

  10. He builds houses.
    We are building our own house.
    Our friends built one last year.
    Many houses have been recently built in this neighborhood.

  11. She deals in stocks and bonds.
    We are dealing with just our savings.
    Our parents dealt only with a banker.
    We have dealt with the same bank for generations.

  12. Blow out the candle.
    Who is blowing out the one in the living room?
    I already blew that one out.
    All the candles have been blown out.

  13. It is not proper to steal a kiss.
    I am not stealing a kiss.
    You stole one from me.
    That kiss was given. It was not stolen.

  14. Swing back and forth.
    That little boy is swinging too fast.
    I swung on a trapeze once.
    We haven’t swung since we were children.

  15. He hangs paintings for the museum.
    Today they are hanging a new exhibition.
    He hung their last major show.
    It was hung in just two days.

  16. I seek an answer.
    I am always seeking answers.
    I sought it in books.
    The answer to that question has been sought since ancient times.

  17. He tears interesting stories out of the newspaper.
    He is tearing one out just now.
    Last week I tore out a story on London.
    I suspect it was torn out by many others.

  18. Who shuts the windows?
    I am shutting this one.
    Who shut the other windows?
    They were shut when we arrived.

  19. I am glad I have finished.
    We were being very efficient.
    Yes. You were.
    You have almost always been done on time.

Usages of Irregular Verbs

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