Use of the possessive case

Use of the possessive case :

Use of the possessive case :

The possessive case is used with the names of living things.

The girl’s books. The Governor’s Car.

So we may say

The grill of the door (not the door’s grill)

The page of the diary (not the diary’s page)

However, the possessive is used in the names of personified objects.

At death’s door; nature’s laws

The possessive is also used with nouns denoting time, space or weights.

A pound’s weight, a week’s holiday; in a year’s time

The following use of possessive is also common:

To my heart’s content; at my wit’s end, at your fingers’ for mercy’s sake.

Note : Whenever there is a doubt whether to use a noun in the possessive case or with the preposition ‘of’ it is to be remembered that the possessive case is used to denote possession or ownership. Therefore it is better to say ‘The victory of the army’s victory.

Use of the possessive case

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