Uses of Future Continuous Tense

Uses of Future Continuous Tense :

The Future Continuous Tense represents an action going on at some point in future time.

1. We shall be playing football tomorrow afternoon.

2. He will be sleeping by this time tomorrow.

3. My brothers will be singing this song next week this time.

The future continuous is used to project ourselves or the subject of the verb into the future.

1. Tomorrow this time, we will be traveling by car towards Chennai.

2. Next year this time, I will be studying in University of New York.

3. By next month, we will be working in our new jobs.

This tense is used for predicting or guessing about future events.

1. My sister will be coming to the meeting, I expect.

2. You will be feeling thirsty after working in the sun.

3. I will be missing the sunshine once I am back in England.


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Uses of Future Continuous Tense :

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