Uses of Precis Writing

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Uses of Precis Writing :

Précis writing has three important uses.

1) It is a fine exercise in reading. It is highly impossible to write a summary of a passage without proper reading. We cannot understand a passage without reading. So it forces the reader to pay attention to what he reads. It teaches one to read with the mind as well as with the eye on the page.

2) Précis writing is also a very good exercise in writing a composition. It teaches one how to express one's thought clearly, concisely and effectively.

3) It is very helpful to lawyers, businessmen and government officials. It is because précis writing is of great value in gaining the ability to grasp quickly and accurately what is read or heard and to reproduce it clearly and concisely.

Note The Following Important Points

1) Précis should be written in your own words.

2) It should be a connected whole. Points should be joined in such a manner so as to read continuously.

3) It should be complete and self- contained. It means the summary must convey its message fully and clearly.

4) You must remember that a précis is a gist of the passage. There is no room for personal message or idea.

5) It must be written in a simple style and grammatical and idiomatic English.

Example :

l) He was hard up for money and was being pressed by his creditor.

He was in financial difficulties.

2) The clerk who is now in his employee

His present clerk

As A Rule, A Précis Should Be Written In Indirect Speech.

Uses of Precis Writing

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