Uses of Simple Past Tense

Uses of Simple Past Tense :

The Simple Past is used to denote an action finished in the past.

1. My father died yesterday.
2. She left home at 8.30.
3. Babar founded the Mughal Empire in India.
4. I lived twenty years in Lucknow.
5. We bought this house twenty years back.

It also denotes a habitual action in the past.

1. They studied and planned for years.
2. We went to Chennai in search of jobs.
3. They came to New York to take care of their parents.
4. He used to walk through the forest before night-sleep.
5. She called me for help.

This tense is used to denote the series of completed actions finished in the past.

1. Before we went there, he had come.
2. First I ate the lunch. Then only my sister came.
3. He was our boss before this man became our senior.

This tense is used to mention about the event which took place when another even was going on.

1. He came when we were playing.

2. My sister called us for lunch when we were sitting in the hall.

3. The teacher asked us to submit the assignments when he was dictating.


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Uses of Simple Past Tense :

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