Value of Sports and Games

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Value of Sports and Games :

The importance of sports, especially in schools and colleges, is extraordinarily great. Growing children need to understand and appreciate the wise saying….A healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

Let us examine the various advantages sports and games have. Team sports like football, hockey and cricket, promote a number of virtues. Children learn that success can be earned as a group and not just as individuals.

Cooperation and leadership skills are not the only rewards of sports. Planning, tactics and execution of a strategy are all learnt on the playing fields.

Most importantly, children learn to set and achieve goals. This helps them greatly when they become adults.

Students who prefer individual sports like athletics, tennis or swimming also develop the urge to excel. This quality of doing one’s best helps people in all walks of life.

Athletes learn the value of hard work and the importance of staying with a task until completion. They understand that results cannot be achieved immediately. A real accomplishment is built over a long time and this is a very important lesson that athletes and students come to learn.

Sports and games help children develop their physical strength. Sports also keep children from doing mischief and they develop good habits.

Education is the development of a complete individual. Sports and games are absolutely integral to this process.

Value of Sports and Games

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