Verb in The Dependent Clause

Verb in The Dependent Clause :

In the following examples say whether the Verb in the Dependent clause is right or not and if it is not right, correct it.

1. I was informed that he had been asking to see me.
2. He did not say when he will come.
3. No one knew whether he intended to come or not.
4. He concealed from me what his plans are.
5. I fear that you were displeased with me yesterday.
6. I shall soon find out why you were so displeased.
7. The teacher gave me a prize so that I may work hard next.
8. The teacher has given me a prize so that I may work hard next year.
9. You will be pleased to hear that I have won a prize.
10. He asked me why I wish to go away so soon.
11. You did not tell me when you intend to return home.
12. I was sorry to find that I have displeased you.
13. I hope that you will pardon me soon.
14. I did not know’ why you give me this order.
15. He did not realise that honesty was the best policy.
16. They told me that my brother is fond of his books.
17. He gave me good advice lest I may fall into evil ways.
18. He taught me that good deeds were never lost.


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Verb in The Dependent Clause :

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