Verbal Idioms

Verbal Idioms :

Certain Verbs when followed by certain Prepositions or Adverbs acquire a new significance.

  1. Abide by = Respect or obey the law or an order or a decision or a rule

  2. Account for = Give a reason or an explanation

  3. Ache for = Want someone or something very much

  4. Act on = Take action as a result of something

  5. Act out = Demonstrate something with gestures and actions

  6. Act up = Cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly

  7. Add up = Make sense; seem reasonable

  8. Adhere to = Support or follow or act in accordance with

  9. Advise against = Recommend not to do something

  10. Agree with = Have the same opinion as some else

  11. Aim at = Direct towards a target

  12. Allow for = include in a calculation

  13. Allude to = Mention or make reference to something in an indirect way

Verbal Idioms arranged in alphabetical order.

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  1. The Verb
  2. The Auxiliary Verbs
  3. Subject-Verb Agreement - 1
  4. Subject-Verb Agreement - 2
  5. The English Verb
  6. Basic Form of The Verb
  7. Principal Parts of A Verb
  8. Non-finite Form of The Verb
  9. The Intensive Forms of English Verbs
  10. Verbal Idioms
  11. Confusing Verbs
  12. Agreement of The Verb with The Subject
  13. Sentences with Agreement of The Verb with The Subject
  14. Two Auxiliaries with One Principal Verb
  15. One Auxiliary with Two Principal Verbs
  16. Words Used as Verbs
  17. Intransitive Verb of Complete Predication
  18. Intransitive Verb of Incomplete Predication
  19. Defective Verbs
  20. Strong Verbs
  21. Tests of A Strong Verb
  22. Wholly Strong Strong Verbs
  23. Partly Strong Strong Verbs
  24. List of Strong Verbs
  25. Weak Verbs
  26. Tests of A Weak Verb
  27. List of Weak Verbs
  28. Mixed Verbs
  29. Strong Verbs Becoming Partly Weak Verbs

Verbal Idioms :

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