Verbal Noun

Verbal Noun :

The form of a verb ending in ING (writing, reading, arguing) is sometimes called…

(a) the present participle
(b) the gerund depending on whether it is used
(a) more like an adjective
(b) more like a noun.

1. I am reading.
2. I saw him reading.
3. His reading the passage is clear.

Note :

(i) am reading - Present continuous verb
(ii) reading - present participle (qualifies the object 'him' used as an adjective)
(iii) reading - used as noun (subject of IS)

1. Opening the safe, the manager found it was empty.
(participle - used as adjective)
Opening - is the present participle used as an adjective - qualifies MANAGER

2. On opening the safe, the manager found it was empty.
(noun - object of ON)
Opening - noun - governed by the preposition ON - called verbal noun – gerund

Study the following examples.

1. Seeing, he believed.
(Seeing - participle)
Seeing - Present participle - - used as an adjective - qualifies HE

2. Seeing is believing.
(Seeing - verbal noun)
Seeing - Verbal noun subject of IS

3. Playing cricket, he gained health.
(playing participle)
Playing - Participle - qualifies HE (adjective)

4. I am fond of playing cricket.
(playing – noun)
Playing - Verbal noun - governed by the preposition OF

5. Walking along the road, he met with an accident.
(walking - participle)
Walking – Participle – adjectival - qualifies HE

6. Walking is a fine exercise.
(walking – noun)
Walking - Verbal noun - Subject of IS

7. He has begun working harder.
He has begun to work harder.
working - verbal noun
to work – infinitive

8. Try doing it this way.
Try to do it this way.
doing - verbal noun
to do – infinitive

9. It is annoying, being late.
It - being
being - verbal noun
Being late is annoying.
It is annoying.
It is annoying to be late.
to be – infinitive

10. Our problem is finding money.
finding - verbal noun - complement of IS

11. Our problem is to find money.
to find - infinitive - complement of IS

1. I remembered to post the letter.
2. I remembered posting the letter.

I remembered to post the letter.
letter not posted at the time of remembering…(action to begin)

I remembered posting the letter….(the letter has been posted at the time of remembering action - done)

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Verbal Noun

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