Verbs followed by Prepositions

Verbs followed by Prepositions :

1. COPE WITH : to deal successfully with a difficult situation

2. ANXIOUS ABOUT : worried about

3. ANXIOUS FOR : eager for (or) wanting

4. ANXIOUS + (INFINITIVE) - eager wanting

5. WHITE WITH FEAR : be afraid of

6. WHITE WITH RAGE : be angry with

7. RED WITH ANGER : becoming angry at

8. GREEN WITH ENVY : full of desire for someone's possessions

9. SHIVERING WITH COLD : feeling too cold

10. JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH EXCITEMENT : satisfactorily disturbed

Example Sentences :

1. I have too much work to do. I cannot cope with it all.

2. The company coped very well with the sudden increase in demand.

3. With three small children, she just couldn't cope on her own.

4. The officer is too ill to attend to his duties.

5. My friend is not convinced of the need to borrow any money.

6. Mrs.Nargis warned the children against playing with sharp knives.

7. Mary Carlie apologised to Mr. Alan for mistaking him for the waiter.

8. I entirely agreed with him.

9. My wife and I agree about most things.

10. I will agree to your proposal provided you bring down the rate of interest.

11. I am pretty angry with her for not doing the job.

12. What are you so angry about?

13. I am getting anxious about my future.

14. We are all anxious for an end to this cold war.

15. My son is anxious to find a better job.

16. It was an anxious time for us.

17. I apologize for disturbing you.

18. Did your neighbour apologize for her rudeness yesterday?

19. The plane arrived at Meenambakkam aerodrome half an hour late.

20. Please, do not ask for money.

21. We were all astonished at your failure in the examination.

22. I am not good at tennis.

23. I found him and he was blue with cold.

24. My husband was trembling with fear.

25. We are not good at English as well as Tamil.

26. If you ask for money and mind, I could not give.

27. We are so anxious for you that we have come here.

28. He is totally agreeing with me.

29. They are so anxious to find a rented-house.

30. We have so many things to do. We find it difficult to cope with all.

Verbs followed by Prepositions

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