Verbs followed by Prepositions

Verbs followed by Prepositions :

Verbs, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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1. Abide by a promise
2. Abound in fish
3. Abound with fish
4. Absolve of a charge
5. Absolve from a charge
6. Abstain from wine
7. Acced to a request
8. Accord with a thing
9. Account for a fact
10. Accrue to a person
11. Accuse of some misdeed
12. Acquiesce in a decision
13. Acquit of blame
14. Adapt to circumstances
15. Adhere to a plan
16. Admit of an excuse
17. Admit into a secret
18. Admit to a secret
19. Admonish of a fault
20. Admonish for a fault
21. Agree to a proposal
22. Agree with a person
23. Aim at a mark
24. Alight from a carriage
25. Alight on the ground
26. Allot to a person
27. Allow of delay
28. Allude to a fact
29. Alternate with something else
30. Anchor off the shore
31. Answer to a person
32. Answer for conduct
33. Apologise to a person
34. Apologise for rudeness
35. Appeal to a person
36. Appeal for redress or help
37. Appeal against a sentence
38. Apply to a person for a thing
39. Appoint to a situation
40. Apprise of a fact
41. Approve of an action
42. Arbitrate between two persons
43. Argue with a person for a point
44. Argue with a person against a point
45. Arrive at a small place
46. Arrive in a country
47. Arrive in a large city
48. Arrive in London
49. Ascribe to a cause
50. Ask for a thing
51. Ask of a person
52. Ask from a person
53. Aspire after worldly greatness
54. Aspire to worldly greatness
55. Assent to your terms
56. Associate with a person or thing
57. Assure a person of a fact
58. Atone for a fault
59. Attend to a speaker
60. Attend on a person
61. Attribute to a cause
62. Avail oneself of an offer
63. Avenge oneself on a person


1. Bark at a person or thing
2. Bask in sunshine
3. Bear with someone's faults
4. Beat against the rocks (the waves)
5. Beat on one's head (the sun)
6. Become of you (what will?)
7. Beg pardon of a person
8. Beg a person to do a thing
9. Beg for something from someone
10. Begin with the first
11. Believe in one's honesty
12. Belong to a person
13. Bequeath a thing to a person
14. Bestow a thing on a person
15. Bethink oneself of something
16. Beware of the dog
17. Blame a person for something
18. Blush at an embarrassing remark
19. Blush for anyone who is at fault
20. Boast of one's cleverness
21. Border on a place
22. Borrow of a person
23. Borrow from a person
24. Brag of one's cleverness
25. Break into a house (thieves)
26. Break oneself of a habit
27. Break through restraint
28. Break bad news to a person
29. Break (sever relations) with a person
30. Bring a thing to light
31. Bring to one's notice
32. Brood over past grievances
33. Burst into tears
34. Buy a thing from a person or shop


1. Calculate on success
2. Call on a person
3. Call to a person
4. Call for punishment
5. Canvass for votes
6. Care for a person or thing
7. Caution a person against a danger
8. Cease from quarrelling
9. Challenge a person to combat
10. Charge a person with a crime
11. Charge payment to a person
12. Charge a person for goods supplied
13. Charge goods to a person's account
14. Cheat a person of his due
15. Clamour for higher wages
16. Clash with another (of colours)
17. Clear a person of blame
18. Cling to a person or thing
19. Close with an offer
20. Combat with difficulties
21. Come across anyone
22. Come into fashion
23. Come by a thing
24. Come of something
25. Come to forty
26. Commence with a thing
27. Comment on a matter
28. Communicate something to a person
29. Communicate with a person on a subject
30. Compare similars with similars
31. Compare things dissimilar by way of illustration
32. Compensate a person for his loss
33. Compete with a person for a prize
34. Complain of some annoyance to a person
35. Complain against a person
36. Comply with one's wishes
37. Conceal facts from anyone
38. Concur with a person
39. Concur in an opinion
40. Condemn a person to death for murder
41. Condole with a person
42. Conduce to happiness
43. Confer a thing on anyone
44. Confer with a person about something
45. Confide a secret to anyone
46. Confide in a person
47. Conform to a rule
48. Conform with one's views
49. Confront a person with his accusers
50. Congratulate a person on his success
51. Connive at other men's misdeeds
52. Consent to some proposal
53. Consign to destruction
54. Consist of materials
55. Consist in something
56. Consist in the use of colour
57. Consist in being uncomfortable
58. Consult with a person on some matter
59. Consult with a person about some matter
60. Contend with a person
61. Contend against a person
62. Contend for or about a thing
63. Contribute to a fund
64. Converge to a point
65. Converse with a person about a thing
66. Convict a person of a crime
67. Convince a person of a fact
68. Cope with a person or task
69. Correspond with a person
70. Correspond to something
71. Count on a person or thing
72. Count on you to see this done
73. Crave for or after happiness
74. Crow over a defeated rival
75. Cure a man of a disease
76. Cut a thing in pieces
77. Cut a thing into pieces
78. Cut a thing in half


1. Dabble in politics
2. Dash against anything
3. Dash over anything
4. Dawn on a person
5. Deal well by a person
6. Deal ill by a person
7. Deal in cloth, tea or spices
8. Deal with a person
9. Dealings with a person
10. Deal with a subject
11. Debar from doing anything
12. Debit with a sum of money
13. Decide on something
14. Decide against something
15. Declare for something
16. Declare against something
17. Defend a person from harm
18. Defraud a person of his due
19. Deliberate on a matter
20. Delight in music
21. Deliver from some evil
22. Demand a thing of a person
23. Depend on a person or thing
24. Deprive a person of a thing
25. Desist from an attempt
26. Despair of success
27. Deter a person from an action
28. Determine on doing something
29. Detract from one's reputation
30. Deviate from a certain course
31. Die of a disease
32. Die from some cause
33. Die by violence
34. Differ with a person on a subject
35. Differ from anything to be unlike
36. Digress from the point
37. Dip into a book
38. Disable one from doing something
39. Disagree with a person
40. Disapprove of anything
41. Dispense with a man's services
42. Dispose of property
43. Dispute with a person about anything
44. Dissent from an opinion
45. Dissuade from an action
46. Distinguish one thing from another
47. Distinguish between two things
48. Divert a person from a purpose
49. Divest one's mind of fear
50. Divide in haif parts
51. Divide into four parts
52. Dote upon a person or thing
53. Draw for money on a bank
54. Draw money from a bank
55. Dream of strange things
56. Drive at some point
57. Drop off a tree
58. Drop out of the ranks
59. Dwell on a subject


1. Eat into iron
2. Elicit from a person
3. Emerge from the forest
4. Encroach on one's authority
5. Endorse with a signature
6. Endow a hospital with money
7. Enjoin on a person
8. Enlarge on a subject
9. Enlist in the army
10. Enlist a person in some project
11. Enter upon a career
12. Enter into one's plans
13. Entitle anyone to an estate
14. Entrust anyone with a thing
15. Entrust a thing to anyone
16. Err on the side of leniency
17. Escape from jail
18. Exact payment from a person
19. Excel in languages
20. Exchange one thing for another
21. Exchange with a person
22. Excuse for something
23. Exempt a person from a rule
24. Exonerate a person from blame
25. Explain to a person
26. Exult in a victory over a rival


1. Fail in an attempt
2. Fail of a purpose
3. Fall among thieves
4. Fall in love with a person
5. Fall in with one's views
6. Fall into error
7. Fall on the enemy
8. Fall under someone's displeasure
9. Fall upon evil days
10. Fawn on a person
11. Feed on grass
12. Feed a cow with grass
13. Feed grass to a cow
14. Feel for a person in his trouble
15. Fight for the weak against the strong
16. Fight with a person
17. Fight against a person
18. Fill with anything
19. Fire on the enemy
20. Fire at the enemy
21. Fish for compliments
22. Flirt with a person
23. Fly at anyone
24. Fly into a rage
25. Free of anything
26. Free from anything
27. Furnish a person with a thing
28. Furnish a thing to a person


1. Gain on someone in a race
2. Get at the facts
3. Get away from
4. Get on with a person
5. Get out of debt
6. Get over an illness
7. Get to a journey's end
8. Glance at an object
9. Glance over a letter
10. Glory in success
11. Grapple with difficulties
12. Grasp at something
13. Grieve at an event
14. Grieve for an event
15. Grieve about an event
16. Grieve for a person
17. Grow upon one
18. Grumble at one's lot
19. Guard against a bad habit
20. Guess at something


1. Hanker after riches
2. Happen to a person
3. Heal of a disease
4. Hear of an event
5. Hesitate at nothing
6. Hide a thing from a person
7. Hinder one from doing something
8. Hinge on some event
9. Hint at an intention
10. Hope for something
11. Hover over a nest
12. Hunt after anything
13. Hunt for anything


1. Identify one person or thing with another
2. Impart a thing to a person
3. Import goods into a country
4. Import things from a country
5. Impose on a person
6. Impress an idea on a person
7. Impress a person with an idea
8. Impute blame to a person
9. Incite a person to some action
10. Infer one fact from another
11. Inflict punishment on a person
12. Inform a person of a thing
13. Inform against a person
14. Infuse an ingredient into some mixture
15. Initiate a man into an office or society
16. Inquire into a matter
17. Inquire of a person about
18. Insist on a point
19. Inspire a man with courage
20. Instill a thing into the mind
21. Intercede with a superior for someone else
22. Interfere with a person in some matter
23. Intermingle one thing with another
24. Intersect with each other
25. Introduce a person to someone
26. Introduce into a place or society
27. Intrude on one's leisure
28. Intrude into one's house
29. Invest money in some project
30. Invest a person with authority
31. Invite a person to dinner
32. Involve a person in debt
33. Issue from some source
34. Issue in a result


1. Jar against an object
2. Jar on one's nerves
3. Jeer at a person
4. Jest at a person
5. Join in a game
6. Join one thing to another
7. Judge of something by something
8. Jump at an offer
9. Jump to a conclusion


1. Keep back a secret
2. Keep from wine
3. Keep off the grass
4. Keep to a point
5. Keep under your power
6. Keep up prices
7. Knock one's head against a wall
8. Knock at a door
9. Know of a person


1. Labour under a misapprehension
2. Labour for the public good
3. Labour in a good cause
4. Labour at some task
5. Lament for the dead
6. Languish for home
7. Lapse into disuse
8. Laugh at a person or thing
9. Laugh to scorn
10. Lay by for future needs
11. Lay down one's arms
12. Lay facts before a person
13. Lead to Calcutta
14. Lean against a wall
15. Lean on a staff
16. Lean to a certain opinion
17. Level a city to the ground
18. Lie in one's power
19. Light on a person or object
20. Listen to complaints
21. Live for riches or fame
22. Live by honest labour
23. Live on a small income
24. Live within one's means
25. Long fot anything
26. Look after a person business
27. Look at a person or thing
28. Look into a matter
29. Look for something lost
30. Look over an account
31. Look through a book
32. Look to your movement
33. Look up a reference


1. Make away with a person
2. Make for happiness
3. Make for home or the shore
4. Make off with stolen goods
5. Make up deficiency
6. Make up for the lose
7. Make up for lost time
8. Make it up to him somehow
9. Make up a story
10. Make some meaning of a thing
11. Marry one person to another
12. Marvel at some sight or report
13. Match one thing with another
14. Meddle with other people's business
15. Meditate on some subject
16. Meet with a rebuff
17. Merge into anything
18. Merge with anything
19. Mourn for the dead
20. Murmur at anything
21. Murmur against anything
22. Muse upon the beauties of nature


1. name after = name a child with other family-member's name
2. nod off = fall asleep
3. nose around = sneak around


1. Object to some proposal
2. Occur to one's mind
3. Offend against good taste
4. Officiate for someone in a post
5. Operate on a patient
6. Originate in a thing or place
7. Originate with a person
8. Overwhelm with kindness


1. Part with a person or thing
2. Partake of some food
3. Participate with a person in his gains
4. Pass away
5. Pass by someone's house
6. Pass from one thing into another
7. Pass for a clever man
8. Pass on
9. Pass over his subsequent conduct
10. Pay for one's folly
11. Perish by the sword
12. Perish with cold
13. Persevere in an effort
14. Persist in doing something
15. Pine for something lost
16. Play on the guitar
17. Play upon the guitar
18. Play on a person
19. Play with one's health
20. Plot against a man
21. Plunge into a river or work
22. Point at a person
23. Point to some result
24. Ponder on a subject
25. Ponder over a subject
26. Possess oneself of an estate
27. Pounce on a person or thing
28. Pounce upon a person or thing
29. Pray to God for guidance
30. Prefer one thing to another
31. Prejudice anyone against some person or thing
32. Prepare for the worst
33. Prepare against disaster
34. Present anyone with a book
35. Preserve from harm
36. Preside at a meeting
37. Preside over a meeting
38. Prevail on a person to do something
39. Prevail against an adversary
40. Prevail over an adversary
41. Prevail with a person
42. Prevent from going
43. Prey upon one's health or mind
44. Pride oneself on a thing
45. Proceed with a business already begun
46. Proceed to a business not yet begun
47. Proceed from one point to another
48. Proceed against a person
49. Prohibit from doing something
50. Protect from harm
51. Protest against injustice
52. Provide against a rainy day
53. Provide for one's children
54. Provide oneself with something
55. Provoke one to anger
56. Pry into a secret
57. Punish anyone for a fault
58. Purge the mind of false notions


1. Quake with fear
2. Qualify oneself for a post
3. Quarrel with someone over something
4. Quarrel with someone about something
5. Quote something from an author


1. Reason with a person about something
2. Rebel against authority
3. Reckon on someone or something
4. Reckon with a person
5. Recompense one for some service
6. Reconcile to a loss
7. Reconciled with an enemy
8. Recovery from an illness
9. Refer to a subject
10. Reflect credit on a person
11. Reflect on a man's conduct
12. Refrain from tears
13. Rejoice at the success of another
14. Rejoice in one's own success
15. Relieve one of a task
16. Rely on a person or thing
17. Remind a person of a thing
18. Remonstrate with a person against some proceeding
19. Render into English
20. Repent of imprudence
21. Repose on a bed
22. Repose confidence in a person
23. Reprimand a person for a fault
24. Require something of someone
25. Resolve on a course of action
26. Rest on a couch
27. Rest with a person to do
28. Result from a cause
29. Result in a consequence
30. Retaliate on an enemy
31. Revenge myself on someone for some injury
32. Revolt against government
33. Reward a man with something for some services done
34. Ride at anchor
35. Rob a person of something
36. Rule over a country
37. Run after new fashions
38. Run into debt
39. Run your eyes over an account
40. Run through one's money


1. Save a person or thing from harm
2. Scoff at religion
3. Search for something lost
4. Search into a matter
5. See about a matter
6. See into a matter
7. See through his meaning
8. See to a matter
9. Seek after happiness
10. Seek for happiness
11. Send for a doctor
12. Sentence a man to imprisonment or death
13. Set about a task
14. Set down your terms
15. Set forth journey or expedition
16. Set in
17. Set out journey
18. Set a person over a business
19. Set upon a traveller
20. Show a person over a house into a room
21. Shudder at cruelty
22. Side with a person in a dispute
23. Smile at a person's threats
24. Smile on a person
25. Snatch at a thing
26. Speak of a subject briefly
27. Speak on a subject at great length
28. Speculate in shares
29. Speculate on a possible future
30. Stand against an enemy
31. Stand by a friend
32. Stand on one's dignity
33. Stand up for something or someone
34. Stare at a person
35. Stare a person in the face
36. Start for Calcutta
37. Stick at nothing
38. Stick to his point
39. Stoop to meanness
40. Strike at someone
41. Strike for higher pay
42. Strike on a rock of a ship
43. Strike up playing
44. Struggle against difficulties
45. Subject a person to censure
46. Submit to authority
47. Subscribe to a fund or a doctrine
48. Subsist on scanty food
49. Succeed to a property
50. Succeed in an undertaking
51. Succumb to difficulties
52. Sue for peace
53. Supply a thing to a person
54. Supply a person with a thing
55. Surrender to the enemy
56. Sympathise with a person in his troubles


1. Take after his father
2. Take a person for a spy
3. Take off
4. Take to gambling
5. Take upon oneself to do a thing
6. Talk of an event
7. Talk about an event
8. Talk over a matter
9. Talk to a person
10. Talk with a person
11. Tamper with statistics
12. Taste of salt
13. Tell of an event
14. Tell about an event
15. Testify to a fact
16. Think of anything
17. Think about anything
18. Think over a matter
19. Threaten anyone with a lawsuit
20. Throw a stone at anyone
21. Tide over losses
22. Touch at Gibraltar ships
23. Touch upon a subject
24. Tower over everyone else
25. Trade with a country in oranges
26. Tremble with fear at a lion
27. Trespass against rules
28. Trespass on a person's time or land
29. Trifle with anyone's feelings
30. Triumph over obstacles
31. Trust in a person
32. Trust to someone's honesty
33. Trust someone with money
34. Turn verse into prose
35. Turn to a friend for help
36. Turn upon evidence


1. Upbraid a person with ingratitude
2. Upbraid a person for ingratitude
3. Urge a fact on one's attention


1. Venture upon an undertaking
2. Vie with another person
3. Vote for anything / someone
4. Vote against a thing


1. Wait at table
2. Wait for a person or thing
3. Wait on a person
4. Warn a person of danger or consequences
5. Warn a person against a person or thing or doing
6. Wink at one's faults
7. Wish for anything
8. Work at mathematics
9. Work for small pay
10. Worm oneself into another man's confidence
11. Wrestle with an adversary




1. Valid for
2. Vary from x to y
3. Vision of
4. Yearn for affection
5. Yield to persuasion



Verbs, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M
N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


  1. A Preposition
  2. Prepositions
  3. The Preposition
  4. Object of The Preposition
  5. Omission of Object of The Preposition
  6. Participial Prepositions
  7. Compound Prepositions
  8. BUT as A Preposition
  9. Preposition and Object
  10. Wrong Uses of Prepositions
  11. Wrong Omissions of Prepositions
  12. Misuses of Prepositions
  13. Uses of Prepositions
  14. Gerunds preceded by Prepositions
  15. Peculiar Uses of Prepositions
  16. Example Sentences with Appropriate Prepositions
  17. Words followed by Appropriate Prepositions
  18. Nouns followed by Prepositions
  19. Participles followed by Prepositions
  20. Adjectives followed by Prepositions
  21. Verbs followed by Prepositions
  22. Verbs and Prepositions
  23. Sample Sentences with Prepositions
  24. Sample Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

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