Verbs in Active Voice with Two Objects

Verbs in Active Voice with Two Objects :

  1. I bought the baby a toy.
    A toy was bought for the baby by me.
    The baby was bought a toy by me.

  2. She handed her a book.
    A book was handed to her.
    She was handed a book.

  3. Who taught you English?
    By whom was English taught to you?
    By whom were you taught English?

  4. The clerk will give you a token.
    A token will be given you by the clerk.
    You will be given a token by the clerk.

  5. Mrs. Smith teaches us grammar.
    Grammar is taught us by Mrs. Smith.
    We are taught grammar by Mrs. Smith.

  6. The manager refused him permission.
    Permission was refused him by the manager.
    He was refused permission by the manager.

Each active voice verb in the above sentences has two objects (Direct and Indirect). Hence two passive voices structures are there for each verb.

Study the following examples. See for yourself how the two sentences in passive voice are formed.

(i) She saw you and him. (Active voice)
You and he were seen by her. (Passive voice)

(ii) They asked me my name. (Active voice)
I was asked my name. (Passive voice)
My name was asked. (Passive voice)

(iii) They found him guilty of murder. (Active voice)
He was found guilty of murder. (Passive voice)

(iv) You cannot pump the ocean dry. (Active voice)
The ocean cannot be pumped dry. (Passive voice)

(v) We saw the storm approaching. (Active voice)
The storm was seen approaching. (Passive voice)

(vi) I shall order the carriage. (Active voice)
The carriage will be ordered. (Passive voice)

(vii) The man is climbing the cliff. (Active voice)
The cliff is being climbed (by the man). (Passive voice)

(viii) One may accomplish many things by a little effort. (Active voice)
A little effort may accomplish many things. (Active voice)
Many things may be accomplished by a little effort. (Passive voice)

(ix) I was struck by his singular appearance. (Passive voice)
His singular appearance struck me. (Active voice)

(x) Alice was not much surprised at this. (Passive voice)
This didn't much surprise Alice. (Active voice)

(xi) He will be greatly surprised if he is chosen. (Passive voice)
It will greatly surprise him if they choose him. (Active voice)

(xii) The roads were thronged with spectators. (Passive voice)
Spectators thronged the roads. (Active voice)

Verbs in Active Voice with Two Objects

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