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Word-Building :

Look at the following words.

1. able...enable
2. appear....disappear

The word ABLE is an adjective. The verb ENABLE is formed by adding EN to the beginning of ABLE. The opposite of APPEAR is formed by adding DIS to the beginning of the word. The additions EN and DIS are called prefixes.

1. arrive……arrival 2. write……writer

The ending AL changes a verb ARRIVE into a noun ARRIVAL.

The ending ER, added to the verb WRITE, helps to form an agent-noun (WRITER = one who writes). Such endings are called suffixes.

Prefixes are attached to the beginnings of words, while suffixes are attached to at the ends. We use prefixes and suffixes to change or add to the meanings of words.

Observe the following words.

1. moonlight = moon + light
2. armchair = arm + chair
3. whitewash = white + wash

The word MOONLIGHT is made up of two words. So are armchair and whitewash. Such words are called compounds. A compound is formed from two (or more) other words.


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