Word Order

Word Order :

It is possible, in some situations, for the preposition to come at the end of a clause or sentence. This happens especially with WH question, relative clauses, exclamations, passives and some infinitive clauses.

1. Who are you speaking to?

2. Is this the saree you are interested?

3. What a mess we are in!

4. Don't worry, you will be looked after.

5. She is really interesting to talk to.

6. Better still to use the preposition in formal order.

7. To whom are you speaking?

8. Is this the book you are interested in?

9. Is this the book in which you are interested?

10. What is the book you are interested in?

It is simpler and usually better to use a prepositional phrase instead of a relative clause.

1. Do you see the lady with the golden hair?

2. I prefer chairs that have cushions.

3. I prefer chairs with cushions.

4. She likes the man who has the red shirt.

5. She likes the man in red shirt.

6. Marie is at a loss to know why he is disliked.

7. When Dora was safely out of hearing everyone began to laugh.

8. I know there is no one at home because the door is locked.

9. We watched our departing guests till they went out of sight.

10. No one is likely to be at his best after a steeples night.

11. I never feel at ease in a crowd of strangers.

12. He decided the machine was out of order because it wouldn't work.

13. Mr. Murthy was in temper because his plans had gone wrong.

14. If I did such a silly thing, they would think I was off my head.

15. I will tell you a secret that now there is no one within hearing.

16. If you stand there, you will be in danger of being run over.

17. James was on the look out to see if his friends were coming.

18. I could not get into the room because there were people in the way.

19. The book shop could not get the book because it was out of print.

20. We could not get this type of dress here, because only few people will buy it.

21. He will tell you a fact that he is selected for this post.

22. We have to feel at ease in front of new-visitors.

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