Words denoting Collection

Words denoting Collection :

Study carefully the following words denoting group or collection.

1. A band of musicians
2. A board of directors
3. A board of trustees
4. A brood of chickens
5. A bunch of flowers
6. A bunch of grapes
7. A bunch of keys
8. A bundle of hay
9. A bundle of sticks
10. A chain of mountains
11. A collection of coins
12. A collection of stamps
13. A crew of sailors
14. A croiod of people
15. A fleet of ships
16. A flock of geese
17. A flock of sheep
18. A gang of labourers
19. A gang of robbers
20. A gang of thieves
21. A heap of ruins
22. A herd of cattle
23. A herd of deer
24. A hive of bees
25. A mass of ruins
26. A mob of rioters
27. A nest of ants
28. A pack of hounds
29. A pack of playing-cards
30. A pack of wolves
31. A stack of corn
32. A stack of hay
33. A stack of wood
34. A stock of goods
35. A swarm of ants
36. A swarm of bees
37. An army of soldiers

Words denoting Collection :

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