Words Followed by Prepositions

Words Followed by Prepositions :

TEEM : (verb)
Teem with : to be full of (or) to be swarming

1. The pond teems with all kinds of fish in summer.
2. Your mind seems to be teeming with assorted doubts.
3. My garden is teaming with wildlife.
4. This water is teaming with bacteria.
5. The school life teemed with all sorts of activities.
6. His books teem with all thoughts.
7. People in India are poor. But India is a land teeming with wonderful natural wealth.

INACCESSIBLE : (adjective)
Inaccessible to : unable to be reached

1. The MLA's have become almost inaccessible to ordinary people.
2. If you remain inaccessible to us for along time, we will forget you totally.
3. This park is inaccessible to ordinary people.
4. Higher education in USA seems to be inaccessible to low-income people.
5. Some of the places on the Himalaya are inaccessible to cars.
6. Why do you keep your opera-house inaccessible to the men on the street?

CONDUCE : (verb)
Conduce to = Conduce towards = to produce (or) be conducive to
Conducive : (adjective) - Likely to produce (or) Helping to happen (especially desirable result)
Conducive to - Conducive towards

1. Too much wealth doesn't conduce to happiness in life.
2. The amiable atmosphere of the meeting seems to be conducive to find a solution to the problems.
3. OOTY is conductive to good health and happy mind.
4. What you say is not conductive to happy family-environment.
5. Heat and sound are not conductive to a relaxed atmosphere.

MATCH : (noun)
Match for – suitable (or) the one who is well suited to someone else

1. The town team did not prove quite a match for the college team.
2. Your son will be a match for this girl.
3. I think that this school will be a good match for your ambition.
4. He has proven to be a good match for the state-prosecutor.
5. My horse is not a match for this jockey.

CONFINE : (verb)
Confine to : (verb) - to keep within limits (or) restrict

1. Please confine yourself to the subject under discussion.
2. Any soldier, who deserts his post, will be confined to his quarters.
3. If you remain confined to this room for a long time, we will forget you totally.
4. He was confined to Mathematics alone.
5. Whatever I am confined to, I will prove myself as a scholar.
6. The fire-brigade confined the flood to the basement.
7. The danger of terrorism is not confined to India alone.
8. The problem of smoking is not confined to smokers alone.

Words Followed by Prepositions

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