Words Followed by Prepositions

Words Followed by Prepositions :

ADAPT : (verb) Adapt to - to make or become suitable for Adapt for - to modify to new needs and different conditions Adapt from – to get the inspiration from

1. He adapted an old engine to fit his new car.
2. I am afraid, I can't adapt to the idea of having a lady as my boss.
3. Camels are peculiarly adapted to life in desert.
4. Shakespeare's plays have been adapted for children.
5. Ramayana tales were adapted from Valmiki’s Ramayana - The Great Epic.

ADAPT and ADOPT - Note the difference ADAPT – see above ADOPT : (verb) to take (someone's child) into one’s family for ever and to take on the full responsibilities in law of a parent

1. She is not my mother. I am adopted.
2. We have to adopt a child from India.
3. Since my parents were childless till 2000, they adopted me in the year 2001.
4. Adopting a child should be done legally.
5. Adopting a child is not an esay issue.
6. We can eveb adopt elders as well.

DERIVE : (verb) Derive from - (verb) - to obtain from (especially something non-material)

1. I derive a lot of pleasure from reading classics.
2. I derive the inspiration from Indian Classics Ramayana and Mahabharatha.
3. We can derive the message of love and charity from Gandhi’s life.
4. Gandhi derived his strength from Ramayana.
5. The dance-troupe performed a dance programme that is derived from the samba.
6. The judges derived the conclusion from the facts and evidences.
7. He derived many benefits from his membership in this association.

PROFIT : [verb] Profit by / from : [phrasal verb] - to learn or gain advantage from (an experience & activity)

1. You can always profit by making mistakes.
2. I have certainly profited from spending a year in prison.
3. I have written three novels.
4. He profited by having professional associations with many people.
5. By profiting from reading many classics is what I wanted of my son.
6. I promise that you will profit from my business venture.
7. We are sure that he will profit by his unpleasant memories.

INDEBTED : (adjective) Indebted to : Very grateful to (someone) for help given

1. I am indebted to all the members of the public and the party workers for having elected me for the Parliament.
2. We are indebted to her for her help in indexing our website in Google.
3. They are deeply indebted to you for your help.
4. The World-War-II left many countires indebted to World Bank for their financial crisis.
5. Many third-world countries still remain indebted to Gandhi.

Words Followed by Prepositions

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