Words followed The Preposition IN

Words followed The Preposition IN :

The following participles take the preposition IN after them.

Absorbed in :

Meanings :

1. to completely fill the attention of

2. to engross

Example Sentences :

1. I was absorbed in a book and didn't hear you call.

2. I was so engrossed in my work that I completely forgot the time.

3. She pretends to be absorbed in listening to what he says.

Accomplished – adjective

Meanings :

1. a skill

2. good at something artistic

Example Sentences :

1. She’s accomplished a great deal in the last few years.

2. She is an accomplished singer.

3. All these plans will be accomplished in a year.

Accomplished in :

Meanings :

1. to achieve

2. to succeed in doing

Example Sentences :

1. I haven’t accomplished anything in my life so far.

2. Nothing great in this world has been accomplished without passion and love.

Bigoted : (adjective)

Meanings :

BIGOT : (noun) someone who thinks unreasonably that his own strong opinion is correct (especially) about matters of religion, race or politics

Example Sentences :

1. Some bigoted people have strange opinions about religion.

2. He has some bigoted opinions in matters of religion.

3. They too narrow-minded and bigoted.

Experienced in - (adjective)

Experienced at - (adjective)

Meanings :

1. having skill or knowledge as a result of much experience

Example Sentences :

1. She's very experienced at repairing cars.

2. She's very experienced in repairing cars.

3. There are many people experienced in writing and drafting.

Envelop : (verb) – wrap something

Meanings :

1. Envelop in : wrap up or cover completely

Enveloped in :

Example Sentences :

1. The huts were soon enveloped in flames.

2. The mountains, enveloped in mist, glitter beautifully in sunlight.

3. The school is enveloped in the death of its principal.

Implicated in :

Meanings :

Implicate : (verb) - to show that (someone) is also concerned in especially, criminal activities

Example Sentences :

1. He has been implicated in some criminal activites.

2. Your involvement in this plan will make you implicated in the side-effects.

Interested in : (adjective)

Meanings :

1. having or showing interest

Example Sentences :

1. Are you interested in business?

I am not interested in music.

2. We are not interested in Medicines and biology.

Involved in : (adjective) - Involved with

Meanings :

1. having related parts which are difficult to understand

2. complicated

Example Sentences :

1. The commissioner of police is investigating a case in which some big people are involved.

2. He is deeply involved with a married woman.

3. Although the PM is involed in this project, he said nothing in favout of it.

Versed in : (adjective)

Meanings :

1. Possessing a thorough knowledge of or skill in a subject or an art

2. Experienced

Example Sentences :

1. Mr. Menon is well-versed in the arts of diplomacy.

2. Those who are well-versed in Tamil can come forward to teach Tamil.

Words followed The Preposition IN

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