Words Used as Verbs

Words Used as Verbs :

Note how the following words are used as Verbs.

  1. Air
    The bedding should be aired every day.

  2. Arm
    The ruffians were armed with swords.

  3. Back
    Who is backing (=supporting) her?

  4. Bag
    He bagged two hares in today's hunt. (Colloquial)

  5. Bare
    He bared his head as the Queen went by.

  6. Battle
    He battled bravely against death.

  7. Beard
    They bearded the lion in his den.

  8. Bell
    Who will bell the cat? (Only in this one expression)

  9. Board
    Three men board in this house.

  10. Book
    This luggage is booked for Dhaka.

  11. Brave
    She braved all the dangers of the sea.

  12. Breakfast
    I generally breakfast at ten o'clock.

  13. Breast
    The swimmer breasted the stormy waves.

  14. Bridge
    The recent treaty has bridged the gulf between the two nations.

  15. Button
    Button up your coat.

  16. Cane
    The Headmaster caned the boy.

  17. Cart
    Tell the servant to cart the rubbish away.

  18. Corner
    He was cornered by the very man he wished to avoid.

  19. Crop
    At this stage a fresh difficulty cropped up.

  20. Crown
    His efforts were crowned with success.

  21. Dog
    Misfortune dogged her steps.

  22. Down
    All the workers downed tools.

  23. Dry
    Dry the clothes in this dry wind.

  24. Eye
    They eyed her with suspicion.

  25. Face
    Face death bravely.

  26. Flock
    People flocked about the great saint.

  27. Flood
    We were flooded with letters of congratulations.

  28. Foot
    He lent me some money so that I could foot the bill.

  29. Glory
    They gloried in the fall of their enemies.

  30. Heads
    He heads the list of successful candidates.

  31. House
    Our school is housed in a fine building.

  32. Humble
    God humbles the proud.

  33. Idle
    He idled away his time.

  34. Iron
    The laundress irons the clothes with a hot iron.

  35. Lame
    A careless rider can easily lame a horse.

  36. Level
    This road is not level. They will level it shortly.

  37. Man
    The ship was manned by an experienced crew.

  38. Milk
    Milk the cow.

  39. Pocket
    She pocketed the insult. He pocketed the money.

  40. Right
    We must try to right these wrongs.
    He tried to right the situation.

  41. Saddle
    Saddle the horse.
    He was saddled with new responsibilities.

  42. School
    He was carefully schooled in the part he was to play.

  43. Ship
    Jute is being shipped to England.

  44. Shoulder
    She shouldered the responsibilities of married life.
    He shouldered his way through the crowd.

  45. Shower
    God showers His blessings on the rich and the poor alike.

  46. Silence
    You must silence these boys, if you desire silence.

  47. Single
    He was singled out by the Headmaster for special mention.

  48. Smooth
    Smooth words can smooth his angry looks.

  49. Sour
    Sour thoughts sour the mind.

  50. Spy
    A spy came to spy out the land.

  51. Station
    The military police are stationed in the town.

  52. Steam
    The train steamed off.

  53. Stone
    They stoned him to death.

  54. Storm
    The raiders stormed the fort.

  55. Stream
    Tears streamed down her cheeks.

  56. Thin
    Age thins nearly everybody's hair.

  57. Thirst
    Some people thirst for worldly riches.

  58. Thread
    Thread the needle.

  59. Thunder
    The waves thundered on the shore.

  60. Tide
    We tided over the difficulty.

  61. Time
    The Calcutta Mail is timed to arrive at eleven.

  62. Trade
    He trades in hides and skins.

  63. Tutor
    He has been well tutored in Spanish.

  64. Water
    If you do not water these plants they will die.

  65. Weather
    The ship has weathered the storm.

  66. Wet
    Wet your face with a wet towel.

  67. Will
    God willed that man should be happy.

  68. Winter
    Animals can winter in the open, if the winter is mild.

  69. Word
    The resolution was carefully worded.

  70. Wrong
    It is wrong to wrong anyone.


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