Words :

Words play the core-issue in any sentence. Without them, no sentence could be formed.

A Sentence is a group of words that forms a statement, command, exclamation or question; usually, contains a subject and a verb, and (in written English) begins with a capital letter and ends with any of the marks (.), (!), (?). (Full stop. Exclamation mark, Question mark)

A sentence is no mere group of letters.

It is one unit.

It is one solid entity.

The words, in it, are intimately interrelated.

It has direction, force and action.

"Never before did so many owe to so few"

It is a sentence.

Note : Usually, a sentence contains a subject and predicate. Sometimes, the subject may be understood. But, without predicate, there is no sentence at all.

(i) The part which names the person or thing as the doer or agent of the action spoken is called the subject of the sentence.

(The person or thing we are speaking about)

(ii) The part of a sentence which tells about the subject is called the Predicate of the sentence.

Now, we have the definition for subject and predicate. In the light of these definitions, let us examine the sentence.

1. Never before did so many owe to so few.

Adverb : Never before
Verb : did / owe
Subject : so many
Preposition : to
Object : so few

2. Stone walls do not a prison make.

Stone walls - Subject Part
walls - Noun subject of the verb "do make".
stone - Adjective; qualifies 'walls'
do make - verb - predicate; having its subject "walls"
not - Adverb, modifies "do make"
prison - Noun, object of "do make".

3. All manor is indestructible.

All matter - Subject phrase
Matter - Noun - Subject of "is”
All - Adjective, qualifies "matter"
Is - Verb, Predicate of "matter"
indestructible - Adjective. Complement

4. A sick room should be well aired.

A sick room Subject Part
Room - Noun, Subject
Sick - Adjective
A - article (adj)
should be aired - Predicate Part
Verb - having its subject "room"
well Adverb - modifies, "should be aired"

5. Sit down and rest a while

Sit - Verb
Rest - Verb
And - conjunction
Down - Adverb
a while - Adverb phrase

6. Sit down and rest a while

Sit - Verb
Rest - Verb
And - conjunction
Down - Adverb
For - Preposition
While - Noun
A - article (adjective)



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