YES and NO

YES and NO :

1. M. Subbulakshmi sings beautifully. (Adverb of Manner)
2. The girl is beautifully majestic. (Adverb of Degree)
3. Don't go far. (Adverb of Place)
4. My father is far better now. (Adverb of Degree)

Note : Some adverbs may belong to more than one class.

YES : (adverb) (used as an answer expressing agreement or willingness)

1. Is this book a dictionary?
2. Yes. (It is a dictionary.)
3. Mani
4. Yes. (What do you want?)

NO : (adverb) : [used as an answer expressing refusal or disagreement)

1. Have you finished, yet?
2. No. (I haven't finished yet.)

Note : YES and NO, when they are used by themselves are equivalents of sentence.

Study the adverbs in the following sentences.

1. Try again and again till you succeed.
2. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
3. Are you quite sure?
4. That is well-said.
5. The day of my death is very far off.
6. The days are much worse now.
7. The secret is out.
8. You need not roar.
9. The train has just left.
10. She seldom goes to the cinema.

YES and NO


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